Friday, February 01, 2013

fickleness thy name is weather . . .

In trying to gauge a good pattern for posting, I've looked at several options . . . pick set days and post (whether I've got something to share or not) . . . set a number of times per week . . . or, perhaps, I could just post every time our weather changes!  That would have me posting consistently about every forty-eight hours, at least.  Sheesh!  When I last posted we had 70's and daffodils ... this morning we had frigid temps and snow flurries.  In between we had tornado watches ... and we've had flash food warnings *every*day* for the past two weeks.  Gracious. Anyway, I posted seven times in January, which wasn't bad for an overall number (maybe a little on the low side) ... it's just that they were clumped up and not distributed nicely.  I'll try and avoid that in February.  No promises!

Right now we have a wide variety of birds hitting the feeders ... cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, tufted titmouse, nuthatches, and green finches.  And before you go running for your bird books trying to figure out what the heck a green finch is, it's how Todd and I lovingly refer to our wintering gold finches. 
They turn rather olive colored.  Even the cardinal did a double-take.
(That's a very 'fluffy' cardinal, by the way).
It's hard to believe that our brilliantly yellow-colored summer birds are this drab in the winter!  Of course, the cardinals look much better in January than they do in May.  I guess it all evens out!

I spent the day with Joc and Ellie yesterday.  It was Ellie's second library visit. We spent an hour or so in the pre-school section.  
We didn't do a whole lot of reading . . . why read books when there are so many other things to occupy oneself?!?  Besides, the books come home to be read. That's what I did.  I figured I might as well check out the embroidery and quilting books since I was already there and all.
I got a nice stack to peruse (at home)!  Just to flip through and get ideas.  :)

Back at Joc's, Leia was waiting for us.
That's okay, Leia.  Don't get up.

Ellie's hair is getting long enough that she can sport the "Pebble's" look:
I know, I know ... the plant behind her makes it really hard to see, but I promise that there are at least 20 or so strands of hair standing straight up!  She's such a dear little dolly!

And I thought I'd share my Lesson Four finishes from the redwork course. . .
I loved, loved working the bonsai tree ... the stacked French knots are such fun!  At first I wasn't sure it was going to happen, but as I built the rows, I could see it taking shape and it was very cool.

Super Bowl Sunday is in sight!  Go Baltimore Ravens!  (Or, as the natives say it, Go Bal'mer Ravens!)  Sawyer is spending the night with me that night -- we're going to have our own super bowl party.  Anyone else have special plans?!

And don't forget -- book review -- Declutter Now! -- posted tomorrow with a giveaway!


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Missy Shay said...

I love watching my cardinals and the occasional blue jay. That yellow bird looks like a parakeet! Our biggest problem is the neighborhood cats have figured out we keep a bird feeder in the backyard. :(

Jean(ie) said...

Gosh, Ellie is just growing like a weed!

The birds here are not as brightly colored. The only exception is the stellers Jay. But I haven't seen him in a while. I have to put in new suet cakes every two weeks. Yesireee, they've been busy!

I have seen three bald eagles this week. Amazing!

Jean(ie) said...

Gosh, Ellie is just growing like a weed!

The birds here are not as brightly colored. The only exception is the stellers Jay. But I haven't seen him in a while. I have to put in new suet cakes every two weeks. Yesireee, they've been busy!

I have seen three bald eagles this week. Amazing!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the mini books you brought home - yum. The stitching is going wonderfully. I don't watch football, but our LQS (QuiltBug) is having an on-line mystery that I think I will do.

Teresa in Music City said...

This weather is crazy!!! I'm hibernating :*D Love cardinals, but I haven't seen any around my yard lately, so thanks for sharing yours! Little Miss Ellie is getting so darn cute, and growing up way too fast!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How do you keep the squirrels out of an open feeder? I've got four really aggressive squirrels who have tried everything in their might to get to our feeder. I've had a baffler that has worked for many years, but we've got one super genius squirrel who has finally brought the baffler to it's knees. Needless to say, the birdfeeder is now in the garage until we can find a solution.

Sarah said...

I'll admit I was going to look up green finches. Haven't seen any of my birds in a while (just those irksome squirrels) so I enjoyed your pics. That's quite the collection of books you've picked up! Leia was very nice to keep the seat warm for y'all :)

Janet O. said...

I was curious about the finches, too. Thanks for clarifying.
Some fun things came home from the library with you.
Ellie's "do" is so cute--I think the plant behind her is a nice effect.
Great stitching. I'm trying to dust off my embroidery skills (that word is stretching it) to do all of the wool applique going on around here now. : )

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

It just plain COLD! 5th late start for schools here in the last 2 weeks... I think all the birds here are in hiding. Fun pictures~

Mary said...

Yep, wait a bit and the Weather will change. It was 55 degrees and sunny today. I was wondering where my sunglasses are when I ran errands. I posted 11 times in January this year. Better than 31, I guess cause I posted 19 times last January. I think the set days are the best then we know to look for your posting. I choose Monday and Thursday, unless there is a special EVENT to post.

LuAnn said...

Love your redwork. Beautiful grandchildren. Looks like you had a fun day at the library.

Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks for the Birding photos...I saw Juncos for a little while this morning on the porch before the sleet and snow (all gone now)....Someone needs to go out and fill our feeder.
Hope you're staying warm...
Mama Bear

Kate said...

Cool bird shots. Cardinals are my favorite bird, but I never manage to get any good shots of them.

Elle has gotten so big. They grow up so fast!

Beautiful embroidery! The bonsai tree is gorgeous!

Doniene said...

I love the bird photos!! Cardinals are some of my favorites!!

Your hand work is beautiful!! WTG!!

And little granddaughter!! oooooo sooooooo cute!!