Wednesday, February 27, 2013

more reminiscing . . .

Before I'd headed off to retreat, I spent time with both Sawyer (at the camp) and Ellie (in her home).  Sawyer and James came out late in the afternoon for a spontaneous golf cart ride . . .
It was a *cold* day, but a couple of extra blankets made the ride fun!  That and the berry-red drink Sawyer had before we took off!

For all that Sawyer is "all boy" (as evidenced here by the bigger-than-Sawyer stick he's trying to fish with) 
(no dads were harmed in the making of this picture), he's also truly one of the sweetest, most sensitive little guys.  Last night I watched him and June while their folks went out on a date night.  June had gone to bed and Sawyer and I were watching Toy Story 3 and I was working on some hand quilting.  Sawyer was *very* curious about what I was doing and told me how pretty it was.  He also offered to help and then asked if it was for him.  I told him no, this one wasn't for him -- that I'd made the Dinosaur Quilt for him.  The following conversation ensued:

Sawyer:  My Dinosaur Quilt?
Me:  Yes.
Sawyer:  You made my Dinosaur Quilt for me?
Me:  Yes, just for you!
Sawyer:  Neesey, that was so sweet of you!

LOL!!  He just melts my heart, he's such a dear little darling!

Speaking of which, Ellie is just as adorable.  I had such fun playing blocks and dolls with her, not to mention going through her closet and dressing her and playing with her hair (which is growing so quickly)!
Recognize the bow, per chance?  LOL!  Ellie got tired of it very quickly.  Which is how it ended up here . . .
Someone had to wear a bow, right?  (Looking ridiculous -- but cute and fluffy nonetheless.)
And yes, you'll notice the bow didn't make it back to the head of its rightful owner.  And she doesn't appear too upset about it, either.  Of course not!  And she's totally pleased with herself here because she's made it around the barrier I put up to keep her from going up the step.  Because even with a little broken leg she moves faster than I do!

On to retreat ... thought I'd share a few of my fun moments.  We each got to take home a sweet little pin cushion chick.  
Plus we got to make one, too! I couldn't believe how EASY these were! We used the tutorial over on Riley Blake Designs by Deonn from Quiltscapes. I already have plans to make more. 

We also made these darling little draw strings bags . . .
It was super easy and quick to put together and totally darling!  I see these for granddaughters--they could be matchy-matchy on the outside, with different prints on the inside!  This isn't the greatest photo of it ... sorry about that!  The quilter who shared this project didn't have a sheet of instructions and I searched high and low for a similar bag online, but couldn't find one.  It's so easy, I may try to do a up a little tute for it in the next week or so . . . or if someone knows where there's already something posted, let me know!

I also picked up two tee-shirts to commemorate my stay ... one in lilac and this one in blue:
And of course, a Grand Oak Retreat cookbook!  
The food is always SO good -- and Cindy cooks all her menus from the current cookbook, which is fun because it means I can come home and recreate our meals for Todd. My sweet friend and fellow Stitcher, Jackie, found the Afternoon Tea quilt pattern in one of her magazines, and thought of me! Wasn't that sweet of her??

And I won this darling thread catcher/pin cushion, too . . .
I always wanted one of these!

Here's our Stitchers' Crew - Grand Oak Retreat 2013:
I'm missing three ... two had already left and one (my darling pal, Sarah) got cut out of this pic.  Whoops!  This is the fifth year the group has gone!  My third year -- I hadn't joined the group their first year and I missed one of the years.  But I'm already on the list for next year!

And today I'm off to Ellie's.  (And Jocelyn's).  Have a GREAT Wednesday!


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Missy Shay said...

I have been wanting to make one of those pin cushions, thank you for sharing where to find the tute!

Jean(ie) said...

Awwww. the kids are just adorable! I got to talk to my babygirl via Skype on Sunday. She's growing like a weed! And what a chatterbox she is!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The drawstring bag is the same as my kercheif bag

Lee Prairie Designs said...

The children are adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing with us pictures the children, projects and retreat!

Love the little "PEEP'S", too!!

:) Carolyn

Janet O. said...

Oh, that was such a cute response from Sawyer. What a doll!
Ellie looks like she has mischief up her sleeve, in spite of all her winsome looks. Watch that girl! I'm sure she thinks she is smarter than grandma. : )
Retreat looks like so much fun. How hard is it to come home?
BTW, Kris and I had lunch again on Monday and have plans to get together next week. We have such a good time! Thanks again for connecting us.

Paula said...

Love the pictures and stories of the grandbabies. They are growing up way to fast though.
Love the the little pincushion. I need to make one of those. Can you believe I don't have a pin cushion??
Your retreat sounds like a nice get away.

Barbara said...

Great images. Looks like you had fun.

Barbara said...

Great images. Looks like you had fun.

Teresa in Music City said...

That's a fantastic picture of you, Sawyer and his daddy!!! You are so blessed to have this time with them while they are young :*)

Sarah said...

Little boys can be so sweet for all their boyness as well. And it sounds like Elliebellie is on her way to getting in to trouble but never fear Grandmother's are forgiving :)

Mary said...

Love that Sawyer boy and his cute comments to his Neecey. That's the "payday" for grandma making quilts. Oh, to have half the energy of the little ones. Ellie looks so cute with the bow! Nice to have you back, glad you had a great time on retreat.

Kate said...

Sawyer is such a sweet boy. He'll probably stay that way.

Looks you had a fun retreat.

AnnieO said...

Sawyer is a sweetie! As is your darling granddaughter with her mischievous grin :)

Glad you had a fantastic time at your retreat--lots of great goodies there!