Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fun stuff, redwork, and grandbaby . . .

I think I remember sharing that I had won one of the
raffle prizes at my guild meeting on Thursday night.
Here's what I won . . .

That cute little Mary Engelbreit box was filled
with a happy surprise . . .

Lots of prettily colored safety pins!
And I love safety pins, too! :)

And perfect timing for this bit;
don't you know that little redwork quilt pattern is crib-sized?

As was the *dreamy* batting I won!
Yay! It was meant to be! :)

Speaking of redwork,
here are the next three blocks that I finished . . .

Sawyer goes fishing with Grandpa.

Sawyer chats with a wren.

And, Sawyer flies a kite!

It really is a cute pattern. I've got six more to go.
They get a little harder (more intricate). And you'll
notice I started with some of the simplest ones!
I think I'm making good headway on one of my
Charming Girls Quilt Club July/August goals!

And here is my sleeping Sawyer.
He'd fallen asleep against me on Saturday,
and I was so content to just sit back and hold him. Yum!

Sweet, sweet, sweet.

And here's Sawyer with his Daddy! He so loves his Daddy!

He was saying, "Look at me, Grandma! Daddy's got me!"

*grandma sigh*


2 expressed . . .:

Pat said...

Sawyer is such an alert, handsome little guy! I love that quilt you are making for him, too.

randi said...

sawyer is so cute! and that redwork is wonderful!