Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's in the cards, part 1 . . .

I wanted to share, while they're still fresh in my
memory/thoughts, some of the challenge quilts
that were on display at our last guild meeting.
Our guild alternates a challenge show with
a quilt show; this year was the challenge.
I shared with you the quilt/card my darling friend,
Tina, entered on Friday. Here's a few more
of my favorites, along with the cards that inspired them.

This card is a picture of the quilter's home.
She'd commissioned an artist to draw her home for
note cards for her husband

Based on the card, she created this quilt . . .

It won best-of-show! Check out the clouds -- love it!

I adore fall, so it's no surprise this entry caught my eye . . .

In fact, I think this may have been my personal favorite.

I voted for this one as "best representation of challenge"
and that's indeed what it won!
(Along with a place in its category!)

I thought this one was a cute card . . .

My picture of the quilt hardly does it justice.
I loved her attention to details -- and that she
doubled the cupids and had them blowing kisses
to each other. So sweet!

This was a beautiful little quilt. The quilter told
me she'd found the vintage card at an antique shop!

She won first place with her entry!

Last -- for today -- is this darling little bluebird card and quilt . . .

Blue birds have always been a favorite of mine.
This quilter did a wonderful job replicating the card onto fabric!

Enough for today . . . I've got another handful to share later.
Again let me say, we have such incredibly talented and
creative quilters in our guild!
I'm hoping it will rub off on me . . . LOL!

Happy 'over the hump' day!


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