Friday, July 09, 2010

happy friday and crazy quilt questions!

My darling husband made and packed a BLT sandwich for my lunch today. He's so thoughtful! A friend of mine had brought over some beautiful tomatoes from the garden on Wednesday, and I'd commented last night that a BLT would be so good. This morning, he just took care of it for me. I'm so glad -- I'd forgotten all about it! He's been so incredibly sweet and patient. I can't wait until I'm healthy and whole again and can get back to taking care of him!!

I've been seeing a lot of blog posts about crazy quilts lately. It's another one of those quilting projects that I've been fascinated by and wanted to try my hands at, almost since I first started quilting. Anyone have any tips, comments, insight on how to start? Perhaps I need to start with what exactly constitutes a crazy quilt. LOL! I've seen lots of pictures . . . I guess a little research is in my weekend's future!

What got my interest going was an entry on Betsy's blog, Quilting Fiesta. She's got a group doing crazy quilt blocks on Friday. Then I saw something else on another blog, and then another, and so on. I'm intrigued and ready!

I've got a longtime friend coming into town this weekend for a wedding, and I'm so excited we get to spend some time together this evening! Yay!

Happy weekend . . . happy quilting!


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Fabric Mom said...

It used to be that crazy quilts were made up of all the left over scrap pieces from feed sacks and clothing. Now people plan out their crazy quilts and add beautiful hand embroidery.
I bought a template at hobby lobby for making a crazy quilt block. I have used it for small projects. But I am not a big fan of hand stitching. So all of the embellishing detures me from making a big project.