Saturday, July 31, 2010

lovely tea diversions . . .

Well, looking ahead, the coming week is full of possibility! Wednesday I have an appointment with the orthopedist, and I am hoping she allows me to begin bearing weight on my right foot again, which will open up so many opportunities. Moving back into our RV at the camp and driving, not the least of these! After that appointment, I have an appointment with my family doc, who's treating the blasted spider bite. While the inflammation is nearly completely gone, the (now) quarter-sized bruise and the dark blistery looking thing are still present. Don't know what this bodes, unless it's more waiting, which wouldn't surprise me.

I've already made good headway (i.e., I'm almost finished) with the eighth of the redwork blocks. I'd like to have all ten finished by Tuesday eve! Then I'll start processing out the other blocks. The pattern calls for a simple nine patch in reds and whites, but I'm thinking I'd like to add a denim look to this quilt! But more on that later, when I've finished the redwork.

For today, I've been playing around in my photo directory, and pulled up some fun tea tables I've done in days past. When we moved from house to RV, most of my 'dainties' (though not all) were left behind for my daughter and daughter-in-law. But I do love a good tea party, and thought I'd share some of my favorite memories in the form of photos, today . . .

This was the first table that I ever hosted, for the Flint River Mother-Daughter Tea. That was in 2006. I used my everyday china because I was so in love with the colors! It's still a favorite -- I love the yellows, greens, and blues. They make me smile!

This was my table the next year, for the same tea. I was a little more elegant and went with my Lenox Kelly china (which I did take with me on the RV). This was such a fun table, and I loved making the violet sachet favors!

This was a little tea party I did for my daughter and her friend/roommate, when they made a weekend trip home from college. It wasn't ultra-fancy, but it was fun and the food was tasty! My kitchen was decorated in apples and since that was the setting, I used my apple tea set and the apple snack plates and cups.

This was an impromptu afternoon tea setting for Joc and I, late one weekend when she was home from college. I love having tea with my girl!

This was a tea table I did at First Baptist Gurley, when my Sunday school class hosted a tea party for all the senior adult ladies of the church. As with the previous church tea parties I'd done, each table was hosted and decorated by a different lady. The different tables were all so beautiful, and it was such a fun afternoon! The tea service I used here was one Jocelyn brought back for me from her second mission trip to China. It's beautiful!

And this table was the last table I did at Flint River, in 2009. Jocelyn and I co-hosted at this mother-daughter tea! We invited two of our dear friends and their daughters, and Joc's mother-in-law (to be, at the time) and her daughter. We had a lovely afternoon. If I'm remembering correctly, I gave the tea etiquette portion of the program!

I wish I'd thought to take pictures of the last tea I had here at the house. After Joc's wedding, I did a tea party for her two flower girls and their mommies. It was my sister and my niece, Lucy, and my friend Jenda, and her daughter Emma Grace. We had such a fun afternoon! But I forgot to get pictures! What was I thinking??

I have such fond tea time memories . . . I think it may be time to brew a pot!



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Pat said...

You sure know how to set a lovely table for tea parties!!! I enjoyed seeing your photos.

Kristie @ Me and My House said...

The girls and I have only within the last year or so learned that we actually enjoy hot tea. We have no clue about tea ettiquette and actually having a tea party, etc. Maybe when you are feeling much better you can teach us a thing or two.

ytsmom said...

Tea parties are so fun. I really enjoyed your pictures!