Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my joy . . .

Sawyer came to stay with us for a couple of hours on June 21st, while his mommy & daddy were watching fireworks at the Freedom Celebration. He and I had such a nice visit! I've videoed him every time I've watched him (and believe me, I watch those videos over and over and over -- just ask my husband!), but this one was particularly sweet and I want to share it . . . well, some of it anyway. I did edit more than five minutes out of it it before I loaded it! :)

Isn't he just the most darling? I laugh every time I hear myself tell him that I'll be watching him over and over, because I have! (My husband inserts a comment every time he hears it, too - LOL!) Sawyer was working *so* hard to roll over, but he could never quite make it. I think if he'd been on a hard, flat surface, instead of on the rounded, soft surface of my couch, he might have been able to. But the next day he did have his first rolling over success. Now he's a roly-poly boy!!

And he is definitely counted as one of my joys!


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Pat said...

He is just adorable!!! I think he was also wanting to sit right up in addition to wanting to roll over!