Monday, July 12, 2010

monday, monday . . .

Big week! I'm working odd hours this week -- on today, off tomorrow, partial on Wednesday, on Thursday, and off Friday (and Saturday, Sunday, and Monday)! :)

It's raining quite steadily this morning. We need it, so I'm glad we're getting it. The corn crops in particular had gotten off to such a beautiful start -- they really needed some gentle rain to keep looking good, so this system is just in time! On the down side, this morning was the first time I'd navigated the ramp from the house when it was wet. Oh my. My good foot hit that wet wood, and before I knew what was happening, I was down on my backside, both feet having slid straight under the walker. I wasn't hurt (except for my pride), but now I am a little sore! Good gravy. I'm so glad Todd was there to help me up!

Tomorrow my boss and his wife leave for Nicaragua. They're leading a mission team from their church into a village there to build two houses. Work will be interesting for the next two weeks, with them both gone!

Wednesday, Todd and I are taking a class so we will be certified as Mission Service Corps Volunteers with North American Mission Board. After that, we'll officially be sanctioned Volunteer Camp Hosts for Camp MACOBA! I'm really excited about it!

Thursday is my guild's monthly meeting night. Todd has agreed to take me; it'll be the first one I've been to since April, so I'm really looking forward to it! Not only that, but they'll be displaying the challenge quilts from our 2010 challenge, "It's In the Cards"! The challenge was to make a small quilt (no larger than 36" square) based on a greeting card. The card must be turned in with the quilt. This should be so much fun to see -- we have *such* creative women in our guild -- I can't wait to go!

Then Friday begins my four day weekend. I'm hoping to have some hand work to play with! I don't know what are plans are for Saturday, but on Sunday after church, we're meeting a newly-engaged couple up at Camp MACOBA -- they're considering using it for their October wedding ceremony! I can promise that colors are spectacular in the fall!

I did some crazy quilt research this weekend, got some input from other quilters, and found some great websites and blogs with tutorials. I'll share some of what I found later this week.

For now, I'm gonna get to it . . . albeit a little slowly!


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Micki said...

What an interesting life you lead. That course sounds incredible! Thanks for joining my blog and I will be following you. I am so happy that we will be getting to know each other. I enjoyed looking at your blog. I hope you win my giveaway, as yo are looking int crazy quilting.