Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's in the cards, part 2 . . .

Saturday's goals:

Complete Sawyer and His Pal redwork block. Check.
Read newest issue of Tea Time. Check.
Read Invitation to Tea. Check (decidedly *not* my cup of tea).
Make homemade peach ice cream. ______

What? Where's the check there? That was the BIG definite!

Todd wasn't feeling well yesterday; he still isn't this morning. And since I'm struggling with this spider-bite spot, the ice cream just didn't happen. Perhaps today? Oh, and as for the book I tried online? I don't know if it was the plot, or the fact that it was not a book in my hands that made it not for me. I may have to see if I can find this one at the library and give it another shot.

Today I thought I'd finish up showing some of my favorites from the challenge show our guild had last week. I noticed that I didn't get photos of all the cards; guess when you're moving around a room with a hundred other women, and you're on one leg and a rolling walker, you take what you can get! Anyway, here is some more of our guild's awesome work . . .

I liked this one, of course I'm a sucker for
Christmas and Christmas trees:

But what I liked was that the quilter didn't copycat
the card; she made her quilt based on her interpretation of
the card, which was what the challenge was all about.

Besides, I thought this would be a darling table topper
in the holiday season!

I must have not been able to get in to get a good shot
of the card that inspired this quilt. It was
dimensional -- as is the quilt. I don't know if you
can tell that from the photo.

This one won first place in its class!

Again, my photo doesn't do justice to the colors
of this one. It rather reminded me of Camp MACOBA,
and so it was definitely a favorite!

Dragonflies . . . and pretty colors. I wish the dragonflies
had been better set out from the background.

This piece won third place in its class.

This was a cute one based on on a Mary Englebreit
card and the corresponding envelope
(I managed not to capture a photo of either) . . .

It was happy and made me smile ... perfect for a
wall in a sewing room!

Loved this quilt based on a Mother's Day card
the quilter had received from one of her daughters.

Look at all the hexie-flowers in that center!!

Another cute one . . .

Really, the colors were far more vivid. I think my flash
may have washed it out a little. The quilter noted
that she collects wine corks, and wanted to do a quilt
that incorporated them. The 'cork tassels' that embellish
her quilt are darling!

This one was based on a Christmas card. I love that
every SINGLE piece of fruit was appliqued on the quilt.
It was so very pretty!

And that wraps up the challenge! There were lots of entries, I just couldn't get pictures of them all. Now that the guild challenge is behind us, attentions of the guild will quickly turn to next year's quilt show. I have to decide if I'm going to enter a quilt or not. It's so much...pressure! LOL! But I really enjoyed it last year, so I imagine I'll go ahead and do it again.

Good gracious . . . I need to get busy!


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