Monday, July 19, 2010

just a quickie . . .

I'm falling in love with redwork. I'll post pictures tomorrow (it's the story of my life) . . . but for now let me just say that I've finished *four* of the ten blocks! In addition to "Sawyer sends Grandma a letter," I've also finished, "Sawyer goes fishing with Grandpa," "Sawyer talks to the wren," and "Sawyer flies a kite!"

I think, when I finish with these and put together the quilt top, I may have to pull out the "A Tisket, A Tasket" pattern that Bunny Hill Designs did as their free 2009 BOM. I was saving those for an applique project, but I'm thinking perhaps that I might just take needle and floss to those patterns!

Todd is meeting with directors from two other church camps this week; one is Camp Maranatha, which is a Presbyterian camp in Scottsboro. We stayed there two years running for our high school retreats, and always had a blast. (Well, except for when James had his basketball accident that took out his kneecap!) And the second camp is the Marshall Baptist Retreat Center. I didn't even know that one existed, and I'm wishing I could go visit, too! (Work calls.) We're trying to get some organized plans for updating Camp Macoba, and making it as user-friendly as possible.

Two weeks and two days until my next doctor's appointment. I'm starting to get very, very restless. I've been more inclined than ever to put this foot down and WALK! I'm not; I have just enough fear to not mess up the healing I've got going -- but it is TEMPTING!!

After church yesterday, Todd & I picked up some pizza and headed to Macoba and spent the afternoon at the RV. It was nice! We saw a couple of goldfinches hitting the feeders, and watched a raccoon walk up the road to somewhere! We also had a visiting squirrel and assorted bird friends. They're slow coming in, but the wildlife is coming. It took a while at the first site, too. Oh, and I almost forgot . . . right off the bat we saw a lone deer. We were coming up the hill and Todd spotted it on the edge of the woods/road. We stopped and it stopped and we just watched each other for a bit, before the deer decided to make tracks into the woods. So I've seen deer every time I've visited up there since the accident! :)

Okay. Enough for now. Guild challenge, raffle booty, and redwork pictures for tomorrow! (And maybe one or two of Sawyer?!? LOL!)

Enjoying Monday . . .


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