Monday, September 26, 2011

best laid plans . . .

It was totally my intention to be able to post number 600 today, along with some sort of a design wall *and* a giveaway, but it's just not going to happen than way.

On Friday, a dear friend, mentor, and really, the man responsible for Todd and I becoming North American Mission Board missionaries, passed away very suddenly. Harold Sellers was the Director of Missions for our Madison Baptist Association. He was a very personable, witty, and godly man. Really, I think he may have been one of the biggest champions of our ministry and our work out here at the camp. When Todd and I were commissioned, I was so touched that he and Ron Lynch, the MBA Church Ministries Director, flew to Tampa for the service and took us to dinner afterwards. He always had a ready smile and kind word, and he constantly looked for ways to serve others. A very genuine, caring servant of the Gospel.

His funeral was today, and there's no doubt that he'll be much missed, just as there's no doubt he's praising in the presence of Jesus, now! As Paul says, "For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."

Today was also the day to turn in our quilts for our Fanfare Quilt Show which starts Friday. I got up this morning and remembered I'd never tacked on the hanging sleeve for display. I was stitching on that in the car on the way to the funeral.

Add to it all my mobility has severely decreased due to the lack of ibuprofen or aleve! Tylenol is better than nothing, but it doesn't work on the swelling and pain like the other two can.

Ah well, this is post 598. Two more -- perhaps I'll have the presence of mind to post tomorrow, so I can share my fun giveaway on WEDNESDAY!


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Catskill Quilter said...

It is hard to lose such an important mentor and warm friend! You will be in my thoughts.

Deanna said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. The rest of life will wait as you pause for this moment.

Sarah said...

So sorry to hear that you are missing such an important person to where you are today. I'm sure he will continue to look over you and your family from above.