Thursday, September 22, 2011

more on eq . . .

So I have to admit, I was a little amazed at all the responses I got on my EQ post. Isn't it funny? I really thought I was the only one who had this software/tool and didn't quite know what to do with it, or how much it could do for me. And a lot of folks wanted more information on the Yahoo! groups. To be honest, if it had not been for Sarah at Sarah did it!, I'd have never known any more myself. And since one of the benefits of quilty/crafty blogland is to learn and share with each other, here's a little more EQ info . . .

I know of -- and belong to -- three EQ Yahoo! groups. There are:



And my favorite, and the one that seems to get the most traffic, EQ7_Users_Only. The description from the group site for EQ7_Users_Only is:
All "EQ7 Users" are welcome to join.

This includes Quilters that have upgrade to EQ7 from earlier versions of the EQ Program and Quilters that have purchased the EQ7 Program for the first time.

Sorry, we will not be discussing earlier versions of the Electric Quilt Program on this list nor will we be discussing how to use the Quilt Design Wizard Program.
This last group is the group that has the lessons challenge. Basically, you complete two of the EQ provided tutorial lessons a week, and upload an exported image from each completed lesson onto the group's photo board. The moderator looks at the photos and offers hints/tips if necessary. We don't do the lessons in the same order that EQ has them in their help section, and I learned that the hard way. *But* the way that the moderator has reorganized the lessons makes SO MUCH MORE sense. EQ has you starting with quilts -- the group had us start with blocks. Which, when you think about the construction of a quilt, starting with blocks makes sense.

Like I said, the lessons are just the ones EQ provides. If you go to the "Help" tab, and look about halfway down the menu that comes up, you'll see the EQ Lessons (PDFs). (Clicking on the pictures will make them easier to see detail.)

Clicking on that line will bring up another window which contains the table of contents of the EQ Lessons, which give you just enough information to know what it's about. Like I said earlier, the group challenge had us start under EasyDraw Blocks, which made the most sense to me.

Once you've clicked on a particular lesson, another window pops up, with the lesson itself.

I like very much that they set out the goals of the lesson, right from the get-go.

The other thing I really liked about the lesson setup is the diagrams that accompany the instructions.

They were very clear and to me, made the difference in the quality of the lessons. If I was unsure or just completely didn't get what the instructions were saying, I knew I could look at the corresponding diagram and figure it out. *And* they do tag the illustrations with the step number they belong to. Good stuff!

You don't really need to join a Yahoo! group to take these lessons, but I reiterate that I *personally* needed the structure of a schedule, the accountability of a deadline, and the threat of being dropped from the challenge (not the group -- just the challenge) if I missed a deadline. Haha! Yeah, I know that about myself and it's okay.

In the process (I've finished the first eight lessons) I've learned a LOT! And the lessons build on each other, so you're not apt to forget the things you've learned in lesson one, by the time you get to lesson ten. Which is really good for me, if you get what I'm saying.

The EQ blog, Do You EQ?, also has great helps, a Block of the Month, BOM challenges, **freebies** and giveaways from time-t0-time. In fact, I believe there's one going on right now.

And of course, their website, is a terrific resource as well.

There's more lessons, clubs, the blog link, and lots of free downloads! My particular favorite is the Fabric of the Month. Yes. Free fabrics -- from the popular designers -- each month! It's great stuff and very easy to use and pull into your EQ fabric library.

So. There you have it. If you have questions, ask away! I'll answer what I can and refer what I can't! This post puts me that much closer to 600 -- only five away to a GIVEAWAY announcement! Hurrah!

In the meantime, here's a little treat that Kim texted to me last week . . .

Isn't he a darling?!


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Cathy said...

Thanks for all the info, it was very helpful I think we need to figure out why the computer which will have EQ on it won't connect to the internet. Is Sawyer in a car, ar a boat or a plane? I wonder where his imagination is at and where it is taking him?

Pat said...

LOVE Sawyer in that laundry daughter used to love sitting in one, too! Now......about those EQ7 lessons you found helpful. What happens if someone goes to do them NOW? Won't they be very far behind? I'd like to do it but don't have time to catch up. It does seem that the way you did them with that group, it was a lot more logical. And I do want to improve my skills with my EQ7.

Paula said...

I don't have an EQ7 yet. I guess I best learn my long arm before I start something new. LOL!
Love the picture of Sawyer. He sure is adorable.