Sunday, September 04, 2011

yesterday and today . . .

Time certainly flies these days ... I can hardly believe that a whole year has passed since I posted THIS post. Happy birthday, James!

We're celebrating tomorrow, but I'm wishing him a happy day where/whenever I can! :)

Yesterday, Kim and Jocelyn joined forces and held a combined yard sale. Luckily, our weather held out and stayed sunny for it!
Joc had three tables full of knick-knacks and some baskets of clothes to sell. Kim had three tables and a branch full of hanging clothes . . .
They both had some nice stuff, too! I had just recently taken a car full of things to the local thrift shop, so I only needed one table.
And my offering was still pretty meager! Mostly I was there for . . .
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The little man!! He was ready to be out and in the middle of things, too.
I think he was quite intrigued with all this *stuff* in his yard! I also think he was doing a little shopping. First he tried out Joc's tie-dye futon chair.
And he had several conversations with this giant bunny. (Which you may recognize, if you went over to the Happy Birthday James post and scrolled through the pictures. Like father, like son.)
I should have had him come over and play with the stuff on my table. Everything of Joc's that he touched, sold. Is that sort of like a Midas touch?!? As tough as it was, I would like everyone to know that I successfully managed to not buy a single thing yesterday. I didn't sell much either, for that matter, but I wasn't really looking to, so I'm good. I did unload it all -- to the thrift shop, which is where it was originally going in the first place!

We also had a BIG group of youth come in Friday evening and stay for the weekend. They invited, so I ate dinner with them on Friday and Saturday. They were a fun group and I'm so pleased that the effects of Lee didn't make its up to the northern part of the state before today. They had great weather for their camping retreat and seemed to have a blast exploring all of the camp's treasures. They left at noon today, just ahead of the rain that's slowly but surely moving in.

Finally, I did manage to check out this week's Civil War block. It's #36 Kentucky Crossroads.
I'm not so sure that the light fabric is actually a CW print, but it was close enough that I'm not going to worry about it. The dark blue floral, which I'd have guessed is NOT a CW print, actually is. There's no figuring this stuff. I was really tickled to see that Paducah is mentioned in the history of this block. Head on over to Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts blog and check it out for yourself.

As for me, this cool, grey afternoon strikes me as the perfect time to curl up under a quilt and read. So that's where I'm headed!


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Pat said...

I was wishing I had a futon the other night as it was a gorgeous night and I really wanted to sleep out on our screen porch...but nothing to sleep on. Of course, if I had a futon, I'd have no place to store it anyway and couldn't leave it out on the screen porch. OH, well....your post showing that futon got me rambling, I see. :(