Tuesday, September 27, 2011

out and about . . .

A last hurrah for me . . . before the surgery, so-to-speak . . . Joc and I went to lunch at Emma's today. She was so sweet -- she even picked up the tab! We got there earlier enough (ummm, in fact, we were the first patrons of the day) to have our choice of all the specials! I got chicken pot pie and chicken & sausage vegetable soup, and Joc got the spinach quiche with a side of the same soup. We purposefully got different entrees so we could share. ♥

We also had a lovely pot of Tuscany Pear Red Rooibus tea. I mean it was GOOD! We split a large pot and drank every last bit of it. And I got a little package of it to go. Because. I. Can.

From Emma's, Joc & I headed to one of my favorite LQS, Patches & Stitches. Joc went in for me and picked up a little something-something to go in my GIVEAWAY which I'll announce tomorrow!

And then, we went to the grocery store. Once we got there, I rode in one of those motorized carts, and Joc pushed the regular cart. She even followed me home and put groceries away! We'd just settled in for a visit when I realized something. I was reading through (again) the information my surgeon's office sent me when I read that I was supposed to make an appointment for pre-op labwork at least TEN to FOURTEEN days before my surgery. It's two days before my surgery. YIKES! I called and they told me to come right in. Whew. After a hundred million questions and a quart of blood, I was good to go. My surgery? I'm having my exaggerater removed. LOL! :)

On my way home, I stopped by for a last pre-surgery visit with Sawyer and his mommy and daddy. Kim had made some apple cake and shared it with me. SO good!! Sawyer was as adorable as ever. He is definitely all boy. What a delight!

And now, I'm off to bed.

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I hope all goes well with your surgery. Keep us updated.

Paula said...

Wishing you all the best with your surgery. I will be praying for you.
We will be out of town till Saturday. I will watch for an update for you then.
God Bless you my friend.
big HUGS!

Cathy said...

Praying all goes well, and that you are up and about, with a whole lot less pain afterwards.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out and about. I never get why you have to make the appointment 2 weeks ahead - and they never remind you... My fingers are crossed that your surgery goes without a hitch.

I should be at job#2 this evening but I'm running off to a shop hop. LOL. I'll pay for it later but I just don't care at the moment.

Linda in Calif. said...

"I'm having my exaggerater removed. LOL! :)" Too Funny!

Good Luck with the Surgery. I hope it all goes quite smoothly. I'll check in on your later.