Wednesday, September 14, 2011

here and there . . .

I'm slow to post lately. I'm so busy, busy, busy -- what with grandbabies and ministry and the upcoming Fall Jamboree at the camp (and a long weekend at a PLACE conference), I am barely getting in stitching time, much less blogging time! (Just ask one of my favorite blog-keepers how far back I had to go to catch up on reading! LOL!)

ANYway, I *did* manage to squeeze in some sewing time. Do you remember that fabric Jocelyn gave me to make into a runner for her "reveal" party? (I'd insert a link to the post, but it was only two posts ago, so I feel a little silly doing that!) I loved that fabric. It really tugged at me. On the way over to her party last week, I took a picture of that fabric and posted it to Pinterest (my new addiction), with the caption that there would be a skirt in this fabric, this time next week. That was last Thursday. I finished it two days ahead of schedule . . .

Tah dah!! And the fabric was so feminine and flirty, I decided it deserved a little extra flounce, so I gave it a built in slip with a little something-something at the hem . . .

So it *swishes* when I walk!! The funny thing is, when I told Jocelyn I wanted a skirt out of it and asked her where she got it, she told me she had bought the end of the bolt. I almost cried. But she gave me what was left from piece I'd made the table runner, and I made it work. I was determined! Can you guess what I'll be wearing on Sunday??!

I should go back, now, and make a pattern from it, so the next time there won't be so much guess work. It went together pretty quickly, but it would have been so much easier if I'd been working with pieces cut from a pattern! (Yet another thing to add to my to-do list!)

Perusing Pinterest last night, I saw a really cute felt rose, and decided one of those in goldenrod yellow would be perfect, pinned to the shoulder of the black sweater I'll be wearing with my new skirt.

It took ten minutes. Ha!! And I think it's really cute.

I *always* have time for this little fellow . . .

Kim worked the kid's consignment this week, so I volunteered to watch Sawyer. I can't get over how grown up he's getting!! He's so darling and busy, and he runs everywhere! Luckily he's also very obedient; if he wasn't, I'd never be able to catch up with him! He hung in with me that morning, too. I had errands that took me all over creation. He didn't complain a lick, and he was so sweet to everyone, everywhere we went. He did take a four-hour long nap that afternoon, though! I don't blame him -- I would have liked to have done the same!

He also spent the night with me this past Friday. We got up Saturday morning pretty early and rode the golf cart down to unlock the gate (we had campers in the camp all weekend -- and will pretty much every weekend into December). On our way down the hill, we came upon four or five deer that were still bedded down. We sat there for quite a while just watching them. Sawyer "mooed" and all I could say was that those were deer, not cows. But I couldn't give him a sound that went with them! Perhaps next time, I'll make that blowing sound they make. When we finally started back up, all of the deer got up -- and most of them ran, too, which made Sawyer's eyes go wide! The lead doe--who was maybe 30 yards away at most--just stood and watched us move on. I don't think Sawyer took his eyes off of her, he was so fascinated.

And he's such a happy charmer. I've said it before and I know I'll say it again -- he just melts my heart and makes me smile. He's a joy!


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Barbara F. said...

You are a very talented seamstress! I saw this on Pinterest, and silly me, didn't realize it was you!! Sawyer is the cutest little boy. Blessings to you and yours, xo,

Sarah said...

Wowzer - and catch up you did! It will take me a little while to respond :)

I do hope we get to see a photo of your new outfit. Just love that fabric and the swishy slip is perfect.

Hugs and kisses to the little one - I just wanna squeeze his little face.

Love Bears All Things said...

I love the skirt, an original with your extra touches.
Sweet little one, give him a kiss for me.
Mama Bear