Saturday, August 21, 2010

the best laid schemes . . .

. . . o' mice an' men (and quilters), gang aft agley.

In other words, I didn't quilt last night.

Or today, even.

Ah well. On the bright side, Todd and I had a lovely Chinese dinner last night, had a wonderful visit with old friends, and did our grocery shopping for the week.

Today, I made two gallons of potato salad (from his fire captain's recipe, which is AWESOME!) and a gallon of 'nana puddin'. It's one thing to make quantities of these two delights in the RV kitchen; it's quite another to put them in the RV fridge. Especially after we've just gone grocery shopping!

Ummm, can you say no room at the inn?! Luckily, we're close to the pavilion kitchen, and I was able to store my goodies in the regular sized fridge until tomorrow!

I also watched five hummingbirds battle it out over the feeder, I finally saw a blue jay at our new site, and the does and their fawns have been very active (and quite bold) today.

The winner of the hummingbird battles!

He (she?) almost reached up and got a drink!

Plenty of corn on the ground.

These guys are less than fifteen feet away!

Mom's giving the call.

Evidently, this is better than corn. She gives the secret signal and they come RUNNING! What's funny is, when this doe was done, another of the does gave the same signal, and all three of the fawns went running to her, too! Kinda bizarre.

I've had five cups of coffee and two cups of tea. And I polished my fingernails. Not *put* polish on them, but used the buffer and actually polished them!

I've also got this waiting for me . . .

But fiddle-dee-dee . . . there's time for this later!


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Pat said...

Busy times for you..but fun, too!