Saturday, August 14, 2010

glad to be home . . .

This has been an exhausting week, but not without some pretty terrific highlights.

First the exhaustion:

For some reason, early on, I had this idea that the twelve week healing process would end, they'd take the cast off, and I'd walk out of the doctor's office. Yeah, yeah, I knew I'd have physical therapy to build back muscles and strengthen tendons and whatnot, but I really thought I'd be able to walk when the twelve weeks was up. As time passed, I understood that was not to be the case, and actually, as it got closer to the twelve week mark, I was really *glad* that there was going to be transition time. What I was *not* prepared for was that (for the most part) the most pain I've had, in this entire process, would be NOW! Physical therapy is WORK!

And though I came to realize that twelve weeks wasn't really my magic moment mark, it's been full of firsts (some actual firsts, some firsts in a long time) . . .

We're back in the RV, full-time. There are advantages -- the space is smaller, so it's easier to get from here-to-there on the crutches. The living area is not carpeted, which also makes it easier on crutches. The kitchen area is very compact, so I am able to do more in the kitchen these days. There are also disadvantages -- the gate, namely, but never mind that for now. I'm also not really at a point where I can do a whole lot (moving boxes, rearranging low cabinets, etc.), so I'm not able to organize or put things away the way I'd like them. But that will come in time.

I'm driving. Todd rode with me as I drove to work on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then on Thursday and Friday, I drove alone. It's gonna be okay. It's a bit of a pain (and I have to allow myself the extra time) to get the boot off and on, so I can drive, but que sera, that too will not be for long. It's mentally exhausting, because I'm hyper-vigilant, and physically exhausting because it is working that healing foot. I'm not really ready to drive much more than to work and back.

I'm back to my four-day work week schedule. Except for physical therapy, which I try to schedule for late in the afternoon, I shouldn't have to miss much work in the future. This too, is pretty tiring, but I'll overcome that in no time.

My physical therapy, for all that it's tough, is also very wonderful. I opted to use the satellite location, so it's between work and home (which is lovely) and it's much smaller and less busy (which means less waiting to get in). And the folks that work there are GREAT! After a week, I'm on a first name basis with all (four) of the staff there. The atmosphere is very light-hearted and easy going, and I get at least one good belly laugh every time I'm there! And since God Himself tells us that a cheerful heart is good medicine, laughing while I'm doing physical therapy has got to be very beneficial! :)

Okay, so PT is exhausting, but it's also been very rewarding. After just one week I can already tell I've got much improved range of motion in my foot, and my foot and leg are getting stronger. My calf muscle, which was pretty much non-existent a week ago, is back and already has some definition. Plus, I really *really* like the icy electro machine, I get to put my foot in at the end of every session. I'd like one of those for home, please!

Some of my best rewards, though, have come from looking out my back window. I have the BEST view! Last night I sat here and watched this chubby little squirrel just plop himself down in a little puddle of corn Todd had thrown out, and eat to his heart's content. He was so funny!

And the deer have been incredible. Five fawns, so far -- two sets of twins and then a single fawn. One set of twins is still nursing pretty regularly and when their mama gives them the go ahead (which she's done twice, right here in my backyard), they HOP TO IT! And watching them nurse is hilarious! They are so frantic to get while the getting is good. And I'm serious, because she gives them about a minute, and then she hops on over their heads and leaves them wondering what happened! This morning they were so close, I could still see drops of milk on one of the fawn's mouth whiskers!

I've seen almost every bird we had at the old site, here at the new site. The flicker and the red-headed woodpeckers have both made appearances, so I know they're about. The only thing we haven't seen is the blue jays. I hope we can lure them in, because they're such clowns and so pretty to look at! We're putting a little water fountain in this weekend, and I'm sure that will lure some new critters/birds in and be a focal point for activity!

I am making Todd a strawberry glace pie today (sugar free, of course). I probably need to get going on the crust! Enjoy the weekend!!



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Quilt Hollow said...

Hey is driving for you now? For a very long time it was very difficult for me as a mom to pass by the crash site that my son totaled his car. The memory lived over and over in my head of that moment. I'm guessing how you must have felt. the wildlife and I too try and catch glimpses of it all and not take one moment of it for granted. I see the deer more in the Fall and early Spring..this is when they tend to come out of the woods and craze on my grass. Squirrels here are abundant and I too enjoy watching them tease the neighborhood cats. Enjoy the rest of your weekend....I say don't work too hard but it sounds like you must.