Tuesday, August 03, 2010

a picture's worth a thousand words . . .

And today, you're getting the words. :)

It's been a nice, albeit quiet, day. I finished the last of the redwork blocks early in the day, so I accomplished one of my Charming Girl goals! Yay! After much thinking, I did finally decide on a name for the last block, but not without some terrific (and interesting) input.

For example:

Sawyer Writes His First Postcard (postcards are big in my family)
Sawyer Practices His Cursive Writing for Aunt Jocelyn
Sawyer Takes His ACT
Sawyer Writes, 'I'll Behave in Class' One Hundred Times

But what I finally decided on is, Sawyer Practices His ABC's. I like it!

Then I pulled out my Russian pillow and picked up on quilting it where I left off. Whoops! I got the corners done and am working on the sides, and then it'll be ready to stitch into a throw pillow! I take so long to get anything done -- I first started talking about this in . . . MARCH!

Let's see, I also baked a pan of brownies, to take to church tomorrow night. We are serving lunch to the teachers of the elementary school next door, and the brownies are actually for that. Can you believe school starts in less than a week? Crazy! This year has simply flown by, collectively, though some of the days have dragged a bit!

What else? My Jocelyn came by to pick up some fabric she's using to dress her classroom windows! And we talked about her nursery and crib sheets, and owls (which is how she wants to do the nursery) and burp cloths. And I showed her all the darling owls I've been finding to do a redwork quilt for the baby!

I also watched Sleepless in Seattle. Because I've seen it a million times and I can do handwork while I'm watching it and not keep my eyes glued to the screen. And because it makes me cry. And because I love that movie. :)

And all day I been hearing little birdie noises . . . like baby birds. And I wasn't sure where out back they were, but felt they were kinda close. And then, when I pulled the brownies out of the oven, I turned around and there was Mrs. Wren, hoping under the screen in the kitchen window, with a big, fat worm in her mouth. She was feeding her BABIES in my WINDOW! I do love the wrens! And as I sit here typing away, I can hear the chorus of baby birds singing, "Feed US!" Yikes -- they are really noisy and demanding! :)

Hmmm. I've also been thinking a little about October. It's only two months away and I hate to have it creep up on me and not be prepared when the question invariably comes, "What do you want for your birthday?" I think I know. I'm pretty sure. I want one of THESE! And maybe one of these, to match my car, which I hope to be driving really SOON!

Oh, oh, OH! How could I forget this?? I entered THIS giveaway on Little Pieces of My Life back in July, and I WON! The most darling, hand-crocheted edged PINK pillowcases! They came in yesterday's mail! With a cute little quilting pin, too! And it was all so prettily packaged, I really felt like I was getting a present in the mail! Thank you, Karen!!!

All in all, a pretty full and satisfying day. Think how dangerous I'll be when I'm on two, working legs!!

For now, I'm off to taste-test a brownie (just doing my duty) by placing it under some homemade vanilla ice cream and topping it with some whipped cream.

And for the record, this entry was worth 0.65 of a picture. Wow! I think that saying needs to be re-evaluated!


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Pat said...

I am really glad you are checking those brownies out personally...can't have anything be wrong with them and someone getting sick, ya know? SO.....careful taste-testing if a very important job!!!