Monday, August 02, 2010

visual updates . . .

I had a very productive Saturday! I got finished two of the three redwork blocks I have left on the Sawyer Quilt . . .

Sawyer Waters the Garden

and Sawyer Wants an Apple Pie!

I started this last one, but will probably not finish it until tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'll name this one, either! I already did Sawyer's First Day of School, so I'm hanging. Any ideas??

I told my sisters I'd post the progressive pictures I took of my spider bite (sorry anyone else). But it's not really gruesome. :)

This was it the morning after.

This was it five days later.

And this is it yesterday, or eleven days later. It will be what it'll be.

And I know this is silly, but like I said yesterday, I'm so *proud* of the flexibility in my right foot, I wanted to share that too!!

Here it is, pointing as hard as I can make it point! You can see the wound has closed up and is healing very nicely, too.

And here it is flexed back as far as it will go. Yay for me!

I think an entry like this needs to be balanced out with a new picture of my sweet grandbaby:

Happy days!


2 expressed . . .:

Kristie @ Me and My House said...

I think that if Sawyer mailed a letter to Grandma he had to write it at some point. How 'bout "Sawyer pens a letter to Grandma" or "Sawyer practices penmanship". I don't know, maybe those are corny. Only ideas I had....

Glad you healing well. :)

Pat said...

Oh, my...I had the SAME idea of "Sawyer writes a letter to Grandma" or maybe "Sawyer practices his ABC's". I'm glad your range of motion with your foot is so good. Sawyer looks very cute, as always, but it looks in that photo like he has antlers from whatever is behind him and appears to be growing out of the top of his head!!! LOL