Wednesday, August 04, 2010

what a happy day!

Yesterday was *all* words, so today will be mostly photos . . . and mostly photos of what I wrote about yesterday! :)

I had a *great* visit to the orthopedist today! She wrote me orders for physical therapy! Yay! First they are going to transition me to 'full weight bearing' in the boot, and then they'll progress to 'full weight bearing' without the boot! I have to go three times a week for the next four weeks. And, I got a handicap sticker. Which means as soon as I can walk to my car, I can DRIVE! I'm seeing light . . . the end of the tunnel is getting closer! I have my first PT appointment TODAY!

Then I went to my family doctor, who told me the bite site looks very, very good and that I dodged a big bullet! Whew! :) In retrospect, four days in the hospital is preferable to what could have happened with a brown recluse spider bite.

I get to see this little fellow today, too!

Here are the baby wrens . . . can you see them?
I counted at least four!

Aren't they cute??
They are *so* noisy when Mrs. Wren is
there with a juicy worm. But they know
if they see me, they need to pipe down and get small.

There's the little nest, tucked into the corner.
I didn't move the plant to get a good picture,
because I didn't want to frighten the baby birdies.

One of the benefits of being at the house this
summer was we were here for the figs! They are ripe and yummy.

And sooooo happy! :)

Last one: Sawyer Practices His ABC's!

Here's the back side of the Russia block
I'm back to working on. I really do love this quilting stencil.

And here's the sweet package I received from Karen,
at Little Pieces of My Life.

See?! A present for me!

Cute little pin, isn't it??

And aren't these edges beautiful handiwork???

Yay! And I'm off!


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