Thursday, August 26, 2010

greens & purples . . .

My first trip into a quilt store in MONTHS! (Mainly because I could both actually drive and walk comfortably with a single crutch -- and I was in the area.) I didn't purchase a lot; mainly I went in because I wanted to GO IN A QUILT SHOP! LOL!

It was a fat quarter day . . .

The greens and purples (and it's purple, I swear, not blue) are for Patches for Lissa. I need to get those off early next week!

It kills me what my camera sees -- or what the flash does to color. They're such soft, peaceful colors, but the photography (or perhaps, the photographer) can't do it justice! I'll be happy to have these sewn up and on their way to a bigger project, to provide comfort and quilty hugs to a young woman who's been through so much.

While I was at said quilting shop, I happened upon this darling little pair of embroidery scissors. And though I'd just recently commented somewhere about the number of pairs of little scissors I already have, these called to me. They just did. I immediately answered. :)

In just two weeks, I'll be headed to Maryland, to meet up with this precious group of girls from way back . . . my beautiful sisters!! I'm the oldest on the far left. I love this picture, though it's always made me giggle -- we're looking in three different directions!

My folks are celebrating their FIFTIETH anniversary on September 10th, and we're going up to party with them!! Whoohoo! Something I'm much looking forward to.

August is quickly coming to a close. I have two more Charming Girls goals to accomplish -- but I think I'm not quite (physically) ready to take on one of them. But I'm determined to finish up the quilt!

Buenas noches!!


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Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love your fabric. One can never have too much fabric!! And the picture of you and your sisters is priceless. The fact that you all are looking in different directions is so cute. You will have a wonderful time celebrating your parent's 50th anniversary. What fun!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Kristie @ Me and My House said...

I <3 those scissors!!!