Thursday, August 05, 2010

i can't get enough . . .

Last night was the last night of our ladies summer Bible study. It was fun, and I'll miss that interaction when AWANA starts back up next week. Todd has mentioned, though, that he may be doing some Wednesday night speaking to AWANA leaders at other churches about Camp MACOBA. Fun!

Before church last night, Kim brought Sawyer over for a little visit. She said Sawyer missed his grandma, but really, Kim knew Sawyer's grandma was missing him! She also sent me a couple of new pictures . . .

and . . .

And of course I took some of my own, too . . .

I love this new foot fascination!
Kim says he gets angry if he's sitting in his swing
and can't reach his feet! And *everything* he can grab
goes straight to his mouth! It was so cute when I was
holding him last night, to have him reach for my face!

Of course,
Sawyer wanted to have a little quality *grandpa* time too!

Todd went yesterday and filed the paperwork to get me
my very own handicap decal:

Bright RED! It's a temporary pass, for six months.
It will be very helpful.

And here are the exercises the therapist gave me
to work on last night . . .

I was already doing some of it.
Today I've tried walking (in the boot) using
the walker as support. Yay! It's getting there!

Tonight we are meeting Joc & Jason in town for dinner. She had her 12-week appointment yesterday, and mommy and mini- are doing great!

Long weekend coming up -- hopefully next week I'll be able to start driving and things will start getting back to normal again! I'm anxious to move back to the RV and resuming LIFE!


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