Wednesday, August 18, 2010

camp hopping . . .

This week has been my *first* week where I worked a normal schedule and drove myself to and from work on my own, since MAY! I'm working a normal schedule except I'm leaving a little early for physical therapy, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. After spending twelve weeks of not being able to do much, this week it feels like I'm progressing by leaps and bounds!!

Monday, Todd and I had appointments to visit three camps in the area. We're working towards an improvement plan for MACOBA, and have wanted to see what other camps have and how they've done things. We started at Camp Trico, a Girl Scout camp.

I won't bore you with the details and all the photos we took of cabins, bathhouses, and lodges, but I will share with you some fun finds on our adventure . . .

Isn't this dragonfly beautiful? This must be the year of the dragonfly. They are *every* where! All different kinds, too. I don't go outside that I don't see one! My daughter, driving home from work yesterday, told me that they were hitting her car left and right -- she was afraid they were leaving dents!

On our way out of Trico, Todd's good eyes caught this fellow!

Here's a side view, close up. He certainly is well-camouflaged!

Our next stop was Camp Ney-A-Ti. It's off the same road as Camp Trico, so we didn't have to go far. Todd went here as a kid, so it was fun for me to see a glimpse into his childhood!

This is the beautiful view of Lake Guntersville, from the dining hall.

These pretty sunflowers were growing wild just outside the camp. Todd said they were facing the sun, but I think they were enjoying the view!

Our last stop was on the opposite side of the county, Camp Helen. Like Camp MACOBA is owned by the Madison Baptist Association, Camp Helen is owned by the Limestone Baptist Association. They had a dining hall, two bungalows and a swimming pool. I know my husband -- a swimming pool will not be an improvement he champions!

So basically, this is how I spent my day . . .

But Todd and I had fun tooling around together. We finished off the day with a grocery shop and headed back to our own paradise. It was a nice day, and we got in early enough to beat the deer!

Today, I'm headed to physical therapy after work, and then . . . for a PEDICURE! I'm so excited! My orthopedist cleared me, and I'm *so* ready to give my feet a little attention! Pictures will be forthcoming, I'm sure!

Happy Wednesday!


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Pat said...

What fun to see the other camps and dream of what you might like to do with Macoba! And how terrific that you are making such great strides now, too, with your own mobility!!!

Cathy said...

Do you and your husband manage the camp for the Baptist association? Sounds like a fun day of road trip.