Saturday, August 07, 2010

school daze . . .

Todd was on shift yesterday, so I was *almost* destined to spend the day alone. Luckily, fate and my daughter stepped in! I had a quiet morning, which was nice because it allowed me to finish up quilting on my Russia block and do all my physical therapy exercises. Joc, who's a third grade teacher, had meetings most of the morning, and then a PTA sponsored lunch. Afterward, though, she came and got me and I helped her prepare for the first day of school and she kept me company with her bright and cheery self!!!

This year, she was able to move her classroom into the school building. Last year she was in a portable. So she did have to start from scratch on getting her room ready. The school-wide theme is that the school and its students ROCK! All the teachers have cute welcome bulletin boards outside their classrooms. Joc's was the BEST!

I helped cut out flash cards . . .

And made lovely messes . . .

And I collated papers and stuff, too, but mostly I just admired.

If I was in third grade, I'd like to be in this classroom!

Science books ready to go!

She hasn't hung her curtains yet.
I think she was doing that today.

There's lots of 'areas' in her classroom!

See that stack of textbooks, below, ready to be handed out??

School starts MONDAY! I think she's ready!

We had a productive day and it was lots of fun! I miss being in the classroom and getting ready for a new school year!! (I don't miss administration. LOL!)

Today, Todd and I spent at Camp MACOBA! Yay! With the crutches I'm able to maneuver the steps inside the RV! This is tremendous!! Last hurdle is the shower. But it won't be long, now. It won't be long at ALL!

We have a church up here for their church-wide picnic this afternoon. Todd went over and chatted with the setup committee when they first got up here. We're both going over in just a bit to say hello. Then we'll head back to house for the night. But it will be one of the last times--perhaps THE last time, that we spend the day at the RV and return to the house for sleep. And I'm so ready!



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Cathy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your schools start a lot earlier than ours. The kids here don't go back to school until after labour day.