Thursday, August 19, 2010

foot update . . .

Last night, after my physical therapy appointment, I headed over to Glamor Nails for a *much* needed pedicure! I needed it for my mental well-being as much as for the well-being of my feet, too!

My technician, Kim, is a darling lady. I've been going there for more than two years, and she's always taken care of me. I haven't seen her since May (before the accident) when I ran into her at Publix, and told her I'd be in soon for a post-Mother's Day pedicure. It never happened. When I went in yesterday, she was very concerned and was a little afraid of handling my right foot, which I understand -- I was a little anxious myself! But she did a great job . . .

Pretty toes! What I really wanted was the scrubbing and scuffing and buffing on my feet, but she wouldn't go hard-core on *either* foot, though she promised she would next appointment! I had to coax her into buffing the bottom of the right foot! And after you've been in a cast/boot for twelve weeks solid, you foot needs *serious* buffing!

I had PT session number seven last night. I asked Tracy, my therapist, given that I only have four appointments left after this week, if I'd be ready to be released. She laughed at me. I guess that means no. Then she told me that on the twelfth appointment I'd be re-evaluated and the doctor would prescribe additional sessions. I had to laugh -- evidently TOC (where I go for therapy) gives out tee-shirts to their patients on their last session. Tracy said there was no way she was handing me a TOC shirt when I was still walking all gimpy. She said it would be *terrible* advertising! LOL!! I love this group!

Overall, I'm doing great. The healing process is coming along nicely and I'm working my way through therapy and my exercises nicely. The wound from the 'break out' is finally starting to completely heal over. And the swelling over the top of my foot is fading, too. They told me it would take nine months (or possibly more) to be *close* to pre-accident condition. Ugh. Isn't it amazing that a single moment in time can effect the next hundred of thousands of moments to follow?

The swelling concern, now, is on the right side of the ankle. It's where I have the most pain now, too. Advil has become my good friend. They've added ultrasound to my therapy routine, to help. It's nice, but I'm not sure it's made much of a difference yet. She said it can take a couple of sessions, when the swelling is this acute. Last night she measured the swelling -- 31 cm! Egads! My neck measures 33 cm!

There's a closeup of the *wound* healing. I need these for posterity. :)

Here's where I really see the difference between the healthy foot and the healing foot! I have to laugh -- if I hadn't taken the photo myself, I'd have to question whether or not the foot on the right was really a foot -- and if they were really part of the same body!

I'll just focus on the toes, for now!! Kim even gave me sparkly, pretty designs ... I have classy toes!


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Pat said...

I'm glad you got for your pedicure. I've never had a bit afraid of them. After I retired from teaching, I began to do medical typing for a podiatrist and have heard of a few bad problems from pedicures gone "sour", but....if you have a good technician, that's fine. Yours seems good since she was hesitant to work hard on your feet due to the healing surgery.