Monday, August 30, 2010

this , that, and the other . . .

Today was my optimum Monday. I'm off, Todd's on shift, and there's really very little that I *had* to do! Talk about a day that just feels goooooooood!

I got a load of laundry in early, but the danged dryer portion of our combo unit is not working, so there's not point in putting in a second load. I'd really wanted to have all the laundry completely caught up, but c'est la vie. I don't think I'll let it stress me. ;)

It's been a rather soft, gray day. The temps aren't too hot, though they're certainly not cool! Rain has danced all around us, but other than a very few sprinkles, I've not seen any precipitation of substance. As I type, I'm watching a doe walk up the road, like a sentinel watching the borders! The birds are busy, busy, busy this afternoon, flitting, eating and drinking.

I did head out mid-morning to get my Lissa blocks in the mail and do my weekly bookkeeping for the builder I help out. From there I headed over to have lunch with Kim & Sawyer! I didn't take any pictures because I can either hold him or take pictures of him . . . guess which I chose? LOL!!

I made some finishing progress on Sawyer's quilt, too! It's all quilted and squared up, ready for the binding!!!! Whooohoo!!

By the way, you do see the view I have while sewing, right? Sometimes it's hard not to be distracted!

My hope was to get all the binding cut, put together, on the quilt and have it ready to finish. But my foot started aching, so I decided it was time to take a foot-icing break. I did manage to get the binding cut and ready to go, though. (Although I admit it's been so long, it took me a while to figure out what I'd done with the fabric I'd set aside for the binding! Shhhhh!)

Anyway, it's all ready to go, when I'm ready to go!

I probably shouldn't tell on myself, but my quilting supplies niche has seen better days! Of course, given that I haven't really been into it for three months, and Todd moved us during that time, makes it look not *nearly* as bad as it could! This was one of the areas I had wanted to re-organize for my July/August Charming Girls goals, but being up and about still takes effort, and I'm not quite ready to tackle this yet.

On the other hand, being organized will mean I don't spend so much time hunting what I'm looking for, and will have more time for the actual doing!

I think I mentioned Saturday that I wanted to do something with Christmas fabric with the Heavenly Stars block from Quilter's Cache. Though the block is done with 2.5" strips, I'd like to make it a little bigger and use 3" squares. I'd like a single block as a table topper. I was playing around with photos of my fabric and came up with this . . . help me out here -- I *really* am set on the center star being the holly fabric, and I like the way the red borders it, but I'm not completely sold on the gold/cream print in the surrounding stars. Any thoughts?

Finished it would be 20" square. I'd probably bind it with whatever I use for the outer circle of stars.

I also finished working on a power point project for Todd. He's leading a session tomorrow evening for the Madison Baptist Association's leadership conference. I'm his wing man -- I'll do his audio/visual! He typed up his notes, and then I did the student handout and the presentation from that. He's put a lot of work into this, and it's going to be good! I'm *so* proud of my dear husband!!

So, for now, I'm off to have a cup of tea and switch out ice bags on the ol' foot. Tomorrow is my re-evaluation and I sure don't want to get bad marks! From here on out, I'll just be wildlife watching!


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Pat said...

I wonder how a green (not too dark a green...rather light, actually) would look for the outer stars and binding? I see what you mean about the color that is there just doesn't seem quite right. Is that done in EQ? If so, it would be easy to try various colors to see which you like best. If you don't want a green and don't like the creamy color, I wonder if a gold of some sort would work?

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Looks like you have been very productive with your quilting. I love Sawyer's quilt. And the Christmas quilt is going to be pretty. I think some green would be pretty in the Christmas star block. Give that a try and see how it looks. Thanks for getting in touch! Love & blessings from NC!