Sunday, August 22, 2010

celebrate good times . . .

This morning we are headed off to Lighthouse for church, just as we do most Sundays, but today, we're going to celebrate Lighthouse's 15-year anniversary!! And not just fifteen years of existence, but fifteen years of service by our wonderful pastor and his wife, Brother Randy and Miranda. Randy & Miranda have been dear friends of ours for near fourteen years, and we are excited to be celebrating this milestone with them today!! Ah yes, hence the mass quantities of potato salad and banana pudding yesterday!!

We had rain, rain, and more rain last night, accompanied by thunder, lightning, high winds, and a little bit more rain. Once again I found myself wondering if this bad boy would float, if need be! All's quiet this morning, with not a cloud in the sky. The birds are already active out in the yard!

James has taken some new pictures of my darling Sawyer, and of course I thought I'd share them here. I can't believe he's already five months old! He's growing and changing so quickly. His mommy just chronicled his 5-month marker on her blog, The Real Life of the Possible's. Lots of pictures -- I love looking at pictures of him! It's my favorite thing after loving on him in person!!

Look at those beautiful, blue eyes! He's gonna be a lady's man, with that intense gaze!

I mean really, have you ever seen anything cuter?!? Precious, just precious! I've always laughed when I've heard people say, "I could just eat him/her up," but now I think I understand!

I know I do this a lot, but it is what it is . . .

*happy grandma sigh*


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Pat said...

Have a joyous celebration at your church this a.m. Sawyer looks SO cute, as always!