Tuesday, January 25, 2011

back on track . . .

I was so anxious to get to spend the day with Sawyer yesterday! It had been so since we'd had a whole day together. And my time with him is precious, precious.

He's such a funny little fellow. Even with the pacifier in place, he scrunches his face when I'm taking a flash photo. The photos look great, but the funky face ...

He tickles me so!

After lunch, I handed over his spoon and let him play with it.

As you can see, we're still working on hand-eye coordination. Or maybe his coordination is fine and his nose itched. If that's the case, I need to teach him about tissues, soon!

Here we go! Happy baby, happy smile.

And a regular mouthful of teeth, too!

I also caught a little video of a new trick he's playing. I've seen him do this for a while, and had been concerned off and on that perhaps his ears were bothering him. But since he never displayed any other symptoms, I let it go. Then Friday night, James and I were chatting waiting for Kim to get home so they could go to dinner, and Sawyer started doing this a lot. I commented on it, and James said he thought Sawyer was 'talking on his cell phone' -- just like daddy!

Sure enough -- he's just jabbering away into his phone, just like he sees daddy do. And what's really funny is when he pulls his hand away from his ear, shakes it, and then looks at it to see how many bars of signal he has!

Can you hear me now??


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Nancy said...

so when dad is on the phone all he says is "huh>, huh?, huh?'

That is so cute...

Gmama Jane said...

Oh, Denise, this is sooooo funny!!! I kept James the other night and he was doing something similar but I finally figured out he was pretending to talk on his walkie Talkies like Ryan & James complete with that 'static sound" and all. We have laughed so hard. Of course, we Grandparents think every little action is adorable. Don't you just love every tiny thing they do??? I think you are trying to catch up with me

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Sawyer is just such a doll!! Love him chatting on the phone - just too cute. Thanks for the smiles!