Sunday, January 23, 2011

friday, saturday, sawyer . . .

After missing the last two Mondays with Sawyer (one to snow, one to a holiday his mommy got to take), you can imagine how excited I was to get an invite to babysit on Friday night! I jumped on it! I headed over there right after work on Friday, and Sawyer and I had a big time. I'd share more pictures, but I think my son has taught Sawyer to scrunch his face all up when grandma is taking a picture. LOL!

I was amazed at how much my little grandguy has grown and matured in just TWO weeks! He's cruising furniture, he has FIVE teeth, his hair is growing, and he's very chatty. Just precious.

After an afternoon of playing and then a dinner of cereal, squash and corn, we headed to the tub.

This little guy loves playing in the water! His favorite (other than sucking on the washcloth or the rubber ducky) is to try and grab at the stream of water as I pour it from overhead. Too cute!

By the time we'd finished up in the tub, he was looking a little worn out. Baths are good for that.

Definitely another mirror shot -- funny thing is, he's looking at my reflection and I'm looking at his!

We got him dried off and into his big boy pajamas, and he demonstrated his new skills. Holding onto the crib rail and walking from one end to the other.

I almost hated to give him his bottle and put him to bed, but I held out as long as I could, without letting him get overtired. We had a fun night together!

Saturday afternoon, Todd & I were watching the deer in the back . . .

This is the big group -- a big doe (definitely the alpha doe), with a couple of smaller does, and then five fawns -- nine in total. They'd come through earlier, but Todd hadn't gotten out there with the corn yet, so they didn't stay long the first time. The second time, the five fawns came running up, but the does hung back, waiting. As soon as they saw that the fawns were eating and eating well, they hurried on in, too!

Todd had thrown bird seed on the long log for the birds, especially the doves. We had to laugh to see the deer out there licking up the seed from the log! Silly things.

Not long after this, we noticed the whole group of deer standing at alert, facing the RV. I thought they were sensing us, which is unusual, but it wasn't us, or the RV. A little feral cat had come walking out from the RV and the deer were fascinated! And a little anxious, too. They didn't take their eyes of this little cat, and they stood there, stomping their feet. The cat didn't pay the least bit of attention to them. It was eating cookies we'd left for the raccoons. But the deer couldn't go back to eating for that little cat. Finally, the alpha doe came up behind it (mind you, she was the closest to the RV we've ever seen her) stamping her feet all the way. It looked like she was going to charge the cat. The cat never looked up from it's cookies. The doe got closer and closer and just as I thought she was going to rear up, she got spooked and took off, spooking the rest of the deer in turn. They all went charging out of the area down the hill, all due to a tiny little pussycat. It was so hilarious to watch!

Our suet/seed feed that's situated right off our main window has been seeing a lot of activity. One of its regular visitors is this handsome fellow . . .

Not the greatest picture because the feed spins, but even so, you can miss the splash of red on the back of our downy woodpecker's head!

Then Saturday afternoon, a happy surprise!! Guess who came for a visit?

Yay! This is the first time he's been here in a while. Certainly the first time since he's been standing. James, Kim, Jocelyn, and Jason were out taking photos for Joc's maternity session. So Todd and I stayed and Sawyer kept us company! He and Todd talked back and for a long time. I have no idea what they were saying, but Sawyer seemed really excited that someone was speaking in his tongue!

He loved the back window! He kept climbing up to look out into the world.

I'm such a grandma. I'm in love with his little head!

I wish there had been some deer out there for him to watch!

I can't believe how big he's getting. I think he had fun with us here. Gracious, what a fine afternoon it was!

And tomorrow, nothing is keeping this Grandma from appointed rounds!!!


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Asiyah said...

What a cutie pie! I love the mirror picture of you two. You both have the same eyes!