Friday, January 14, 2011

no surprise here . . .

I saw this on the Quiltville! blog and immediately checked it out. The result?

Only 80%?!? Not all that surprising to me. (And probably not to people that know me best, like my darling husband. One of my first questions to him at the end of the day is generally, "Did you read my blog?!) I have a fairly good sense that I'm not alone, either . . !

This weekend will be fairly quiet -- I'll spend most of tomorrow finishing curtains and bumper pads and quilts for the new nursery. If I have time, I'll also zip up the two blocks for the P&S BOM! Anything I don't finish on Saturday, I'll have the opportunity to finish on Monday. It's a holiday and Kim will be off, so I won't get to spend my day with Sawyer. Boo!!! I'll have to console myself with sewing, old movies, and chocolate. Seriously -- I think I'm having grandbaby withdrawals! So I'll swap my Sawyer-boo photos for finished product photos. :)

In the meantime, a last look at our lovely snow event. Truly our area has not known how to deal with the snow & ice -- city and county schools have been out ALL WEEK! Tomorrow, though, day time temps are supposed to get up into the 50's and rain is in the forecast for early next week. From snow to flash flooding, no doubt!

As of yesterday evening, though, this was the road leading out from the camp. I took this after I'd come down it, heading home last night. Let me just say that had I wanted to stop on the way down, I would not have been able. I tried. *shudder*

This is the pasture to the side of that snowy road -- something about a field blanketed with snow drifts is just breathtaking to me!

Even the sun-kissed hills are holding on to their snowy covers!

In another week, it'll all be MUD-kissed!


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Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Wow that's a lost of us! I wouldn't have thought it would be that many! Sorry you won't get to share pictures of Sawyer, but will be looking forward to seeing your finishes! Have a great weekend!