Sunday, January 30, 2011

confession time . . .

This is my safe place, right? No judging? Or at least, I can delete comments I perceive as judgmental. Just kidding!!

I still have Christmas decorations out.

There. I said it. And I don't care! I want the whole world to know!

Well, not really. But I do have my reasons. It's not because I haven't had time or that I'm too lazy. I've had plenty of time, and I'm *not* lazy. I just carry the spirit of Christmas in my heart all year long. And . . .


Here's my Top Ten list of reasons why Christmas remains . . .

10. Removing the wreath from the front door would displace the wren (again).

9. Snowmen, and cardinals are all really winter decorations.

8. Holly, pine cones, and evergreen are also really winter decorations.

7. The colored lights on my front porch make it easier to find at night in the big woods.

6. Like the song says, It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

5. My picture of the Last Supper stays hung year-round. Why not the Nativity scene?

4. I'm celebrating Christmas for the entire time it took the wise men to actually get to Bethlehem. And my wise men figurines 'travel' every time the washer/dryer runs. It's funny-- they always end up facing the same direction, next to each other, no matter where they've started from.

3. Deer outside, reindeer inside.

2. Because I can and it makes me smile (and my darling husband tolerates it).

And the number one reason why Christmas is still up here?

1. The Stocking Elves are still visiting!!

You'd still have Christmas up, too!


[And ps -- it's not like my Christmas decorating was over-the-top, I promise!]

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N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

Ohhhhhhhh how funny" you are not alone" I know of several people like you that just love christmas and keep it up all year round. one of my coworkers keeps a christmas tree up all year around. she changed it from time to time for different hollidays but the tree remains. unlike the rest of us (me included) who just can't wait to get it down. I think most of that has to do with all the overdue of sales durring the holliday season they put everyone under such stress durring that time. So all I can say is if you can keep that christmas spirit alive all year long you go for it girl!

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for the smile and warm fuzzy this morning!

Cathy said...

Our Christmas village on the mantle was still up until yesterday, when Scott dismantled it, and put it away. And besides, You're right, we celebrate Christmas all year long, every time we give praise to God for the gift of His Son. My favourite Christmas songs are the ones that take Him through His life and ministry, rather than leaving Him in the manger.

pirate said...

Not to worry, you have company! :-)

We don't put up any Christmas decoration until after 12/15 because our 3 girls have their birthdays on 12/7 & 12/15. Don't want their birthdays to get consolidated or "mixed up" with Christmas!

As a result, we like to have our Christmas stuff stay up later.

Well, not *exactly* true ... more to the point, we're lazy. And it turns out that my husband likes the mini-lights on the Christmas tree on at night for a night light. :-)

So, yes, our Christmas stuff is still up also. :-)

Ashley Ferguson said...
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Ashley Ferguson said...

I keep my nativity set out year round... No judgement here!