Thursday, January 13, 2011

backwards glance . . .

I've been so captivated by the snow and the wildlife (and then getting back to work), that I almost forgot I wanted to share my fun Saturday!

It started with a good-sized crowd of ladies at Fried Green Tomatoes, a little diner out in Ardmore, TN. It was our sweet church's monthly ladies' meeting, and we also revealed secret pals. The first woman sitting down on the left was my pal -- she was such fun to do things for!

We really did have a great turnout, especially for an early Saturday morning fellowship. I think most everyone got the breakfast buffet, and as you can tell be all the empty plates and smiling faces, the buffet was good!

From there, I hustled home to get ready for Jocelyn's baby shower!

Kim did such a magnificent job on everything. I loved the banner for the gift table. And she did a beautiful job setting up the refreshment table, too!

She made all these yummy goodies!

I think my favorite were the cupcakes, with the darling little owl toppers on them . . .

She found the toppers on etsy. Just the perfect touch for Joc's shower (considering Everett's room will be done up in owls)!

Here's my beautiful girl, sandwiched between two of her dear friends, Amy and Adelle!

And of course, what party (in my life) would be complete without my little boo?

He was very interested in what his Aunt Jocelyn was wearing. He loves necklaces!

Evidently, he also loves chocolate! His mommy & daddy had made the wise decision to keep sugary snack from him, at least until his first birthday. Sawyer had other plans. Kim was holding him in the sling on Saturday, frosting cupcakes. Sawyer reached around and found the container of frosting and helped his little self to a handful . . .

Bless his heart -- that fistful went straight to his mouth (and all over his face & mommy)! Of course, he was so *tired* he could barely see straight! Or is that glazed look an immediate sugar buzz reaction??!

I also wanted to share the favors Kim made for the baby shower . . .

Little owl egg warmers! Aren't they precious?!? I actually have them sitting over tea lights. Sawyer had given us the little sign for Christmas -- I thought the dear little owls fit under it just perfectly!! Too, too cute.

I need to finish up the bumper pads, curtains, and quilt for Everett's nursery. Five more weeks . . . guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend!!!

And I'll *like* it, too.


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Pat said...

How nice that you attended two fun events in one weekend! Thanks for sharing......and love Sawyer contemplating that chocolate frosting after he ate it!!!