Monday, January 10, 2011

full blown . . .

Yes, a full blown SNOW event! What a simply glorious sight to behold this morning!

It took a little bit for me to get the door open this morning -- I had forgotten that might be an issue! But it's light, powdery snow, so I was able to get it pushed aside. I wanted snow, but I couldn't have imagined getting this lovely blanket!

At first I panicked because I couldn't find my yardstick. And then I thought, "Wait a minute, I'm a quilter. I have RULERS and lots of 'em!"

Ten inches here. It's still flurrying a bit, but I think for the most part, it's moved out of the area.

My poor little Princess Buttercup. Her first owner lived in Florida, so I'm sure she lived a much sunnier life on her first go 'round. I've never been able to understand, in light of that, why she has heated seats, but I'm so grateful she does!

Gosh, I hope there's nothing in the car that I may have wanted . . . !

Here's a view out the door to the side. I love snow-covered trees!

And how the snow evens the playing field, so to speak!

Out our back window, the birds are out in full force -- and very loud! The feeders were full -- all seven of them -- and the only one that's rather out of commission is the tray feeder, since it's completely covered by a mound of snow. Though as I look out at it, a titmouse is playing 'king of the hill' trying to figure out where his regular food source has gone!

The little downy woodpecker found some snow-free suet. Usually they're a little skittish when we're near the window, but not this morning. Evidently the snow emboldens them a bit!

They're saying we may have another inch or so coming in -- and our official total for New Market is 11 inches. The temps are to go above freezing today or tomorrow . . . not until Friday, actually! It'll be interesting to see what this does to businesses and schools. EMA is reporting all roads are impassable.

With a view like this, who would want to go anywhere?!? I just hope my darling Todd can make it home, if he's even relieved.

As for me, I've got books, movies, my laptop and plenty of fabric. I imagine I'll do just fine!


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Pat said...

While snow looks pretty, it is a big stress for people who lose pay because their place of work needs to close....and that happens with my daughter and son-in-law (and they can ill afford that). SO...snow has become a big worry in our family! Enjoy your peaceful, quiet (and I hope you don't lose that is a whole OTHER side of snowstorms)!!!

Asiyah said...

Pretty cool! We got 6 inches and my kids are chomping at the bit to go outside. Me? Not so

Tiffaney said...

What a beautiful sight!

I live in Southern California and you would be surprised at how often I use my heated seats.

Cathy said...

I love the looks of freshly fallen snow. It always reminds me of the chorus in the hymn that talks about "wash me and I shall be whiter than snow" I can't come up with the title of it off the top of my head, though. Still working on the first cup of coffee, so the brain isn't firing on all cylinders yet. LOL

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh so pretty! We got a couple of inches here...nothing like yours!

Fabric Mom said...

I am glad I'm not the only quilter who uses her rulers to measure snow. LOL.