Monday, January 31, 2011

design wall . . . dream?

I don't have anything up on my literal design wall (ironing board, sewing table, or anywhere else) this morning. But does that stop me? Absolutely NOT! I had committed that I would start nothing else until the nursery project was completely finished, and since it's close but not quite there, I refused to put anything new on the ol' design wall.

But my mind has no such limitations, and when I went to sleep the other night, it went right to work!

I shared about our guild's mystery quilt project last week, knowing that as much as I want to play -- I've never done a mystery quilt before -- the nursery project comes first! The only thing with the mystery quilt is, I had no idea what fabrics to use as my six colors and my zinger. It's really bothered me. Enough so that I not only dreamed about it, but I got it all figured out in my dream!

In my dream I went to one of our local quilt shops and was delighted to find they'd expanded and added more space, more fabric, and (here's how you can tell it was *my* dream) shelves of CHOCOLATE! Fabric and chocolate??! Yep, that's my kind of store! It was packed, too. I'm thinking this should start a new trend.

The fabric I have decided to use, I picked out in my dream. Weird, huh? I woke up so excited, because my dilemma was solved! I think I may have some in my stash -- I'll have to check later. Now that I know what my six color fabrics will be, it'll be a simple task to find a 'zinger' fabric. I'm so relieved that's over. Talk about process!!

Check out what quilters all over the world have on their real design walls over at Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times!

Here's what I finished on Saturday. The curtains are fully lined and I must say, they look great! The crib skirt was a little different. We'll velcro it onto the mattress support -- just the front, because the rest of it is enclosed. The skirt is fully lined too, and I had fun doing the ruffle! Notice that my demo here is set up on a broom handle and the ironing board. Necessity is the mother of invention!

Here's a close up of the ribbons on the curtains. Isn't it darling? The bumper pads are just a couple of stitches away from being finished. We're putting it all together on Saturday morning, and I'll be sure to share finished nursery photos! I can hardly believe that Everett's due to be here in just over two weeks!

Today I'll spend with my darling Sawyer. We had glorious weather here this weekend -- in the 70's on Saturday! My son caught this one of my darling boy enjoying the glorious outdoors . . .

He fills my heart with smiles - I'm such a blessed woman!


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Quilter Kathy said...

You ARE blessed...he is adorable...enjoy!

Cathy said...

For a minute there, looking at those pictures, before I read what they were. I thought you'd made a ruffle for your ironing board. LOL! Hope you have a good day with Sawyer. I have to work at the hospital today.

Chris said...

Fabric and chocolate is a perfect combination! What a sweet baby. Enjoy :)

Kate said...

Cute kiddo! Love the green curtains and ruffle.

Gari said...

I love that other quilters dream about quilting and even solve "problems" in their dreams. And didn't you just love the 70s last week? I spent two days sitting on the deck, reading. Then I had to spend most of Sunday in the studio to get ready for Design Wall Monday. ;-)