Tuesday, January 18, 2011

look what i found . . .

A great tutorial on YouTube, for making a crocheted edge on a fleece blanket. I was doing a search on tying a quilt with yarn (and I found what I was looking for), when I stumbled across this one:

Presented by the North & Center/Chicagoland Chapter of Project Linus.

Actually, I stumbled across an earlier, not as well done version, but it caught my attention nonetheless. Then, when I was reading the comments, I saw they'd done an updated version! It's a nifty little twist on a fleece blanket, and looks simple enough. And for a gadget girl like me, all I needed to see was that fascinating 'skip a stitch' blade for my rotary cutter, and I was HOOKED! (no pun intended)

So while I was out and about today, I knew I need to search for one of these blades. Alas, it was not to be found. Not anywhere I looked! But I have an order placed -- hopefully one of these bad boys will be in my possession before the week's end!

In the meantime, I did get some soft, chocolate brown fleece . . .

(Okay, yes I know the laptop keyboard does not make the best or most attractive background, but I was lazy and didn't feel like getting up to take a picture.)

And I'd gotten this yummy green yarn to tie off the owl quilt . . .

I'm in love with this green -- it's so loverly! And doesn't it look nice with the chocolate brown?

And so I punched my own holes around a very SMALL piece of the fleece and gave it a whack.

Let me just say, that I'm sure it will make all the difference in the world when I have my very own 'skip a stitch' rotary blade, and my holes are evenly spaced and a full 3/4" off the edge (which is very important, btw).

Let me also say that practice will make more better. Notice I did not show off the back. Heh.

And I only did the first foundation row. I'm not an accomplished crocheter, so I'd really have to take some time to figure out what they were doing on the second go-round, but the tutorial is very well written and it was easy enough for me to follow, holding my little sampler in my hand. And the process went so quickly! I'm thinking this would be a nice, easy, and cost effective baby gift for the multitude of baby showers that pop up!

But not without that new rotary blade, for sure.

In the meantime, does anyone need a fleece throw for their Barbie's bed?!


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Phyllis in Minnesota said...

I've been making these fleece blankets for Linus and they are quick and fun. Check out the Twin Cities Linus site and you will see quite a few. We space the holes
1" from the edge but it's just a personal choice. I crochet another row but some of the ladies do a shell stitch for their 2nd row. ENJOY, Phyllis