Sunday, January 09, 2011

. . . SNOW?!?!

This is Dan Satterfield, one of our local chief meteorologists. He's my favorite, as a matter of fact. I like that he's really passionate about weather, and very animated when we're experiencing severe or extreme conditions! Right now they're calling for 6 to 10 inches of snow in our area. That's near crippling in our little southern town! And though we've not yet seen the first snowflake, schools and a lot of businesses are already closed for tomorrow. Suits me just fine!

And he's poking fun at all us locals with his photo (which he uploaded to--and I downloaded from--his facebook). And you can hardly blame him. I've been in the grocery stores on Friday, Saturday, and today -- three different stores, mind you, and in each one, it was the same story. The bread shelves were EMPTY! LOL!

We're good -- plenty of propane, hot chocolate/coffee, water, toilet paper, bread, popcorn, cheese, chili makings -- all the snowbound essentials!

I have lots to share; I had a wonderful time yesterday and want to share it with you all tomorrow. Baby showers, grandbabies, ladies' breakfast, and all kinds of fun surprises!

For now, I found this on my quilter's yahoo group --

Jinny Beyer is offering this pattern for this most DARLING patchwork football! I have lots of football fans in my life -- this would be such a darling gift to share with them!!! Especially if it was decked out in crimson, gray and white -- with elephants and ROLL TIDE on it. *grin*

You can find the pattern (it's a pdf) by clicking HERE.

Maybe I'll play around with it if we have a snow day tomorrow.


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Asiyah said...

Bwahahahaha! I love that picture. We have quite a bit of accumulation in North Mississippi...hooray for snow days!

Paula and Mel said...

Oh No! Snow! and you forgot the milk! LOL! Stay warm. Good excuse to snuggle!

Tina Wright Photography said...

Hi ya! I LOVE the football pattern! Thanks for sharing! (I'm wondering how tricky it would be to make?... and like you, I can really see it in "Roll Tide" colors!) ... what a neato gift and forever keepsake! Especially when it's so hard to come up with handmade special stuff for our guys (I just love it!) ... (of course I've got some nieces and sisters-in-laws that would think it was really special too! Wow, my wheels are really turning!

love ya! and keep enjoying your "Winter Wonderland" I know you are!!
Tina :) ...