Thursday, March 04, 2010

blurred . . .

Because time is moving so quickly! Well, some of my time is moving quickly; work, on the other hand, moved rather slowly today!

Todd came and picked me up after work, and we went into town for dinner. We headed over to Nothing But Noodles and I got the Eggplant Parmesan. Which I will also be having for lunch! I'm sure it will be just as yummy, too. From there, we went to Wild Birds Unlimited and poked around. They have lots of cool bird feeders and houses and all kinds of feed. It's mostly over-priced, but it's fun to walk through. I did get a big container of "Bark Butter" which you spread (it looks like peanut butter), directly onto the bark of trees. The woodpeckers and insect-eating birds supposedly *love* this stuff. You know how much we love our woodpeckers, so we'll buy the over-priced special treats for them! They also had a really cool hanging bird bath contraption that Todd was very interested in. It looked rather like an acrylic bird feeder, with four slots for birds to take baths or grab a drink. Nifty.

From there we headed over to the hospital to visit with Todd's dad. He's looking much better, but still sounds rough. He'll be there another two days or so. You can tell he's getting restless, though. The sooner he's out, the happier he'll be!

Tomorrow is Friday; what will it hold? I'll be alone in the office all day. Everyone else will be at the home building and remodeling show. I'll do my stint on Saturday.

I *did* figure out what hand work I'd start . . . at about 3 o'clock this morning! LOL! The very first quilt I ever started was a Patches and Stitches block of the month quilt. When I first started it, I quilted each block in the month I picked it up. The third month was this block . . .

And I absolutely *loved* the quilt stencil that I used in this square! I've used portions of it in lots of things since, but I truly loved the whole thing. There's a nice picture of it here. It's always made me think of Russia and my trip to Moscow! Perhaps because the scrolls remind me of St. Basil's Cathedral (which, incidentally, I also fell in love with). Don't the domes rather look like the scrolls in the stencil? Aren't the swirls great? This is a magnificent piece of architecture!

So anyway, after I finished my square that month, I asked them if they had any leftover kits. They did, and I bought it, with the intent to make a pillow to go with my lap quilt. That was in 2006. The spare kit is still sitting in a drawer, waiting for me to make good on my intentions! I think now is the time . . . I will enjoy quilting that pattern again!

I keep forgetting I *do* have to work tomorrow. This is a WORK night! I need to head to BED!

Especially since I was up at 3 am, thinking about quilting . . . !

Bon nuit!


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