Saturday, March 27, 2010

gratuitous posting . . .

What a lovely visit I've had so far with my folks. Thursday night we met up at Joc's (where they're staying) and then headed over to dinner at Terranova's, a wonderful Italian restaurant in Huntsville. Sawyer & his mommy and daddy joined us too, so it was the whole crew! Luckily they'd put our party in the side room, because we tend to get rather . . . loud. Not in a bad way; we're just FUN!

From dinner we headed back to Joc's and passed Sawyer around, had dessert (cheesecake pie) & coffee (from the Keurig we'd gotten Joc for her birthday) and were entertained by Joc's cat. I did not get my camera out. What is wrong with me?!?!

Yesterday, Todd & I got up and headed back to Joc's house, where we were splitting into a girl's group and a boy's group. Joc had to work, so it was my mom and me that headed into town and had a lovely, leisurely lunch at Emma's Tea Room. In our last several visits--three weddings and a 70th birthday party--things have been so hectic with so many other people and focused around the event, mom & I have not had an opportunity to get together just the two of us. So I really enjoyed my "mommy & me" time!

After lunch, we headed up to Camp Macoba (via a few shops/stops) for my mom to get her first look at how and where we're living. The boys were meeting us up there. Both my folks were very impressed with the space of our RV! I may have mentioned that my dad's folks were long-term part timers, and they did a LOT of traveling in their travel trailer. Of course, that was thirty years ago. I think my mom and dad had envisioned us living in a travel trailer, similar to that which Pop and Grandma Willie had! I think they weren't just impressed, they were a little relieved! :)

They brought with them a *lovely* house warming gift . . .

Two bowls from my China, Lenox Kelly! I am *so* excited! I had decided to keep my China because it's so beautiful, we hardly used it living at the house, and I wanted to keep something pretty. I have six place settings, but no bowls. Since we're such big soup people, I knew it would be a bit of a problem, but we could just eat out of plastic until I got some. This was such a lovely surprise! We'll feel like royalty eating our oatmeal in the mornings . . . and I bet it makes everything taste better! :)

Todd brought home a surprise as well . . .

He was so enthralled with Joc's Keurig, he went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and purchased one for US! This is very exciting . . . oh the coffees, teas, and hot chocolates we will drink. LOL! I think my folks may be the next converts on the Keurig train!

We headed over to Sawyer's house for an evening of pizza, baby-holding, and socializing. Before we left the camp, a large group of fathers and sons were coming into the campground for an overnight camping even. Tents started popping up all over the place! It was lots of fun to watch. They had campfires going quickly--which was a good thing, because it was COLD last night!

Needless to say, our timing for heading out was good. There wasn't much bird- or wildlife once the tents came in! Well, let my re-think that . . . because there was *plenty* of wild things running around! It was actually fun to see; it's what this place was made for! :)

Sawyer was as alert and sociable as I've seen him since he was born! He had a doctor's appointment yesterday and he's doing great!

Here's a "great" combo . . . Great-grandma and great-grandson. :)

Todd got in his Sawyer holding time last night as the rest of us played Apples to Apples. It was a night full of laughter and fun and laughter. And more laughter. And periods of silence because people were laughing so hard they couldn't breathe! My dad and my two children are a *dangerous* comic combination!

What does today hold? I don't know, but I *will* have my camera and the weather *is* supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!



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Stitched With Prayer said...

What a fun post. I really enjoyed reading about your family time. I had to laugh about the tents popping up and the "wild life" running around. It sounds like your family is so close and has just way too much fun when they get together. As you pointed out, some combinations of people have sense of humor that 'clicks' and just play off of each other remarks until everyone is cracking up (or looking at you like you've lost your mind, LOL). Well, my daughter and I are like that. Add to the mix her 21 year old son and Oh My goodness, we have such fun. All three of us love old musicals and if the right conversation comes up, we often burst into songs, usually simultaneously. Then everyone REALLY thinks we've gone off the deep end! Point is, you made me think about wonderful times we have together. Though it doesn't happen often, we do make up for lost time when we are together. Thank you for the glimpse into your fun filled day. A beautiful testament of what a blessing family is. Before I stop my rambling, I just have to add some OOO's and AHHH's over darling Sawyer. So adorable and so bright eyed. Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your weather! It's snowing here **sigh**, the cold kicks my Scleroderma into high gear so I'm headed back to my electric blanket for a sewing for me today, but 'this too shall pass'. Hugs coming your way. God Bless.

Lisa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!! I am enjoying reading yours too!

DocSly said...

Sawyer is growing and is such a beautiful little one. Praise God. I love my Keurig. I envy you the spring weather and beauty around you. Take care.

Quilt Hollow said...

Popping in to see a new is already must be busy, busy! :-)