Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy saint patrick's day!

Erin go braugh! Which is the anglicized way of saying "Éirinn go brách" or "Ireland Forever"! Of course, if my Scot ancestors had any clue I was even thinking such things and wearing green today, it wouldn't be pretty! But St. Patrick was an honorable man, and I don't mind remembering his accomplishments on this day!

Let me preface this post by saying I had all my pictures on my memory stick, but when I loaded it into the computer, for some reason the directory I'd copied them onto isn't visible here. Pooh. And time to back up and punt . . .

This morning we had an incident with some tree-huggers. Pesky things. Why won't they leave us alone????? LOL! Before anyone gets upset, I'm talking about raccoons! They've been hijacking our bird feeders and suet cages for a couple of weeks now. Some mornings we'll get up and find the bird feeders are off the hanger (no matter how securely my hubby tries to tie it up there). And we lost several suet cages to them. This morning we opened up the shade to find one lone coon still hugging the tree, pawing into the suet cage. He wasn't deterred by our window-knocking, either!

Not long after he climbed down and loped away, the deer wandered in. We have a couple of different groups that come up and feed on our Acorn Hill. In the last week or so there have been times when we had more than twenty deer! It's incredible to be able to sit at the kitchen table and just watch deer for an hour or so, 20-40 feet away. I love it!

Yesterday was a busy mail day! I received this in the mail from Julie, over at "Me & My Quilts ~ Exploring the Possibilities". I had been the lucky winner in her '600 Post Giveaway'! Yay for me! I can't wait to sit down with this and explore my inner creative child! I didn't even know I *had* one! LOL! :)

I also forgot to mention that I'd received this in the mail, too! It's a quilt kit from Downy. Mine didn't look exactly like this (I got one with Noah's Ark themed fabric), but this gives you the general idea. They send you the fabric to piece a complete top and the backing--you provide the batting--for you to sew, wash, and send back to them.

The Quilts for Kids mission is to Transform discontinued, unwanted and other fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse. You can read more about them here or sign up to receive a kit here.

And time for giveaway teaser number two . . .

I mentioned yesterday that I often saw several areas of commonality in the quilting community; tea drinking was one of those areas! So I thought I'd share a box of one of my favorite Bigelow teas, Pomegranate Pizzazz! You can sip it while you peruse a copy of the current issues of Tea Time and Celebrate Spring magazines! Tea Time is one of my all time favorite magazines; I have every issue ever published! And Celebrate is the newest in the Hoffman Media collection; always lots of fun ideas for entertaining in the current season!

So, add that sweet little combo to yesterday's Heart for a Hero . . . and then remember I've got one more day to add a teaser!



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Zlaty said...

Happy St. Paddy's day to you too!

Great giveaway winnings!