Wednesday, March 24, 2010

happy wed-nes-day!

Only TWO more days to go HERE and enter to win my fabulous giveaway!

One of the benefits of not working on Mondays is that the middle of the standard work week comes *very* quickly and painlessly! :) This week I'm off on Friday as well (my mom & dad are coming into town to meet their new (and first) great-grandchild -- yay)!!! What a nice work week for me! I believe I'll take my mom out to lunch at Emma's Tea Room on Friday. One of my *most favorite* tea places!

I forgot to mention that I received, via e-mail, the first e-book for review from C&T. The only down to the book is that it doesn't include the patterns, so I can't really speak about them, which is unfortunate (especially since such a big part of reviewing an applique book would include the quality / layout / spacing of the patterns. I'll make it work. I picked out a simple, cute square to work with and I'll have something in the next two weeks to show for it. Other than the pattern thing, the book itself is fun, and I enjoyed my initial flip through it! Whimsical is a good word in the title -- the birds crack me up!

I also finally got around to putting out my Easter things that I saved from the house.

You know, since we've moved in, I've had fall/Thanksgiving decorations out, Christmas decorations out, winter decorations out (yes, I have "winter" decor!), Valentine decorations out and now Easter/spring decorations! I hope I've got something to fill all this space when there's no holiday! LOL!

And I didn't forget the outside . . . of course, I've already talked about this door decoration. My door wreath (or the wren's home, depending on who you talk to)!

The wren was nestled in BEHIND the bunny. I didn't stand a chance!

Our weather is *so* beautiful today! It's supposed to get up into the 70's by this afternoon. I am wearing my Yellowboxes today, in anticipation! My MM (Mighty Man) took off to go fishing it's so wonderful today. Oh for that luxury . . . ! (Said the girl who's only working three days this week. Hmmmm.)

Have a happy and quilty day!


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