Tuesday, March 09, 2010

ups & downs . . .

Yesterday evening I got a call from my sister; my dad was taking my mama to the emergency room. She had become very disoriented and had a hole in her memory (she lost 24 hours) and was having difficulty remembering events from the past six months. This morning they've determined that it was probably not a stroke but she's still undergoing assorted tests. Right now she's having an MRI, and I believe there's a CT scan coming along with more blood work. It's frustrating that I'm here and she's there (Maryland); so I can't ask questions or question treatment. Luckily two of my sisters are there and for now, can handle what's going on. With a grandbaby due anytime, I'm hard-pressed to leave, unless something really catastrophic happens, which I'm praying will not be the case. *sigh* I hate feeling useless . . . and then I have to stop and remind myself that my prayers are as effective as any medicine or treatment, because I have the ear of the Mighty Physician. Count it all joy, count it all joy.

I did have some happies to share, too! You may remember this post, where I shared about a giveaway from Lila Tueller Designs? Well, I was the lucky winner of three of her patterns!!! They were all so pretty, I had a hard time deciding which one I wasn't going to get; then I decided I'd just buy the one left! LOL! Here are the three I picked:

Are they just beautiful??? I'm so excited! I needed a smile today; thank you Lila! :) You can see them for yourself at her blog; they're pictured on the right.

I also won a fat quarter over the weekend, from Margaret at Applique on the Go, for guessing the location of a certain bridge, pictured here. LOL! Who knew that serving in the Navy and being stationed in Newport, Rhode Island, would benefit my stash some day???

And a completely non-quiltie happy . . . one of my co-workers brought me a tortilla spread with some of his wife's authentic guacamole. YUM! I've been craving Mexican food, too; perfect timing!

I got lots finished yesterday. I'm halfway finished with the "S" quilting on Sawyer's quilt and I pieced and sandwiched my Russian Block for the pillow. Once I finish with Sawyer's quilting, I'll have some handwork to keep me busy in the evenings.

I have not forgotten about a giveaway of my own . . . I will be doing one in honor of my darling grandson's birth! Keep an eye out for it!

And please know how much I'd appreciate your prayers and kind thoughts on my mom's behalf.



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Cathy Shepherd said...

SO sorry to hear about your Mom. It is hard to be a distance away. But, even if we can't be in 2 places at once, our Lord can. Jesus is there with her, and also there with you. I pray that He will give you, and all your family strength and peace.

Amy Ekis said...

It was so funny! I wish I could've watched the whole thing. We had to leave b/c Robert was sleepy. Praying for your mom! Jocelyn txt me last night. Y'all keep me updated, i know yall have a lot going on. Let me know if I can do anything :)