Friday, March 19, 2010

a final look back at the day . . .

Listen. I know that blog entries with pictures are more fun, but I included lots of links that *do* have pictures, so stick it out. Okay? :)

I had a pleasant afternoon; I took advantage of Quilting Gallery's blog resources and checked out quilt blogs from around the country. I peeked in and out of about thirty or so; made comments and some friends! It really is a terrific resource for both quilt blogs and quilt shops . . . to check it out you can either hit the button on the right side or, to go directly to the directory, click here. How easy is that?!? Maybe you'll make some new friends too! Tell 'em I said, "Hey!"

Another fun thing I stumbled on today? Silk-Dyed Eggs {aka TIE-Dyed!} from the Our Best Bites blog. You simply must check this out. I can't wait to hit the thrift store tomorrow and find some wacky silk ties! I'm gonna have me some art-deco eggs this year for Easter! :) I enjoy this blog even though it's not a quilting blog. Shhhhh, don't tell on me!

Yesterday I had read an interesting tidbit on Mama Spark's World blog about C&T Publishing. Now I believe I've mentioned a time or two thousand, how much I love books; I hated giving up my library (okay, it wasn't that bad, since I kept all my quilting books), and I've determined that I really *shouldn't* (which is different than won't) buy any new (or even gently used) books, quilting, cooking or otherwise. (Tell Mama Spark I said, "Hey!" too, please!)

So I was really psyched about this C&T thing. On March 10th, they introduced this reviewer program, through C&T Creative Troupe. You apply to become a member. It's not a difficult process; they want to know your name, your address, the name of your blog (if you've got one), the craft(s) you prefer, the name and birth date of your first born (j/k), and do on. Ah, and they want to see pictures of or links to some of your 'best' work -- their words, not mine. I just showed 'em what I'd done, which is not a considerable amount.

Then they e-mail you back within five business days (or five hours, as it was in my case) with your member number! And do you know what that entitles you to? Among other great (I'm sure) things, it allows you to get an e-book to download, read and review. FOR FREE! Every TWO weeks! This is awesome news to me! It changes my world! I requested my first one today . . . My Whimsical Quilt Garden. I can't wait to check it out! I'll add the C&T button to my blog manana!

That really was a happy find for me. Happies on Fridays are like extra-special hugs. I had a happy when I checked out my son's facebook and found he'd posted a video of Sawyer. I watched it over and over and over! I wish I could successfully link to it, so you could watch it over and over and over, too. LOL! Hey, since I *can't* link to it, you can humor me here! :)

But the happiest moment of the day came as I was driving down the road, heading home. I had the sunroof open and was just enjoying the drive and the knowledge that it was the weekend and that the sun was warm, when all of a sudden, it hit me.

It was as if all the trees had been collectively holding their breath, waiting for this first beautiful, warm & sunny day. And when it came, they could hold it no more and with a *WHOOSH* they exhaled and their branches -- seemingly bare just yesterday -- were filled with tiny, unfurling, green leaf buds . . . and the promise of pink and red and purple blossoms . . . and their limbs stretched to the sun as if to say, thank You!

And it filled the air with the promise of new life, and my heart with unspeakable joy. The kind of joy that comes only from the Lord Almighty. I think it's so appropriate that we celebrate the risen Savior during the season of Spring. Our Hope springs eternal, and new life He brings.

He is why I can count it all joy!!


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Pat said...

That sounds like a nice thing for you to do with the C & T books! I'll be anxious to hear how it goes. Your way of describing the trees was just beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. Hubby and I are in a folk group at church and we are providing music for a memorial service being done by a local hospice group on Sunday afternoon. This will be an emotional experience but I believe it is an important one and I'm happy to participate. I hope our music brings some comfort to the people who will be in attendance.

Mel said...

Soooo COOL, the C&T thing - I'll have to check it out!

Thank you for taking us along for your first site and breath of spring - wonderful!!

Wonderful way to Be Aware and Be Thankful!!