Tuesday, March 02, 2010

march comes roaring in!

Well, it wasn't completely unexpected . . . March certainly does enjoy playing at all ends of the weather spectrum! We woke up to this snowy weather, and it's not let up yet! I think "Nick" the cardinal looks so pretty in his wintry white backdrop!

It truly would have been the perfect day to stay warm and cozy up at the campsite, and work on quilts and bake cookies, or something, but no, it's off to work I go!

Yesterday, I had a great opportunity to get a couple of shots of the red bellied woodpecker who's been visiting our suet and bird feeders. He really is one of the most handsome birds we have visiting. And Todd's favorite!

I think he was posing for me! I love that I can be sitting on the couch, look out my window, and take this shot.

In a desperate attempt to both hold onto the promise of Spring and keep as long as possible the flowers Todd sent me for Valentine's Day, I salvaged this small handful of pretty blooms . . .

And finally, as promised, I did continue to play around with my new-found Star Puzzle pattern and the wedding quilt fabrics! I wasn't really happy with the neutral fabric, though. It was fine when it was the backdrop for a guest's signature and sentiment, but not so much in the particular block. I was going through my stash, and found a beautiful white piece of fabric with lavender and gray leafy accents . . . it's PERFECT!!! I love this fabric and it just makes the star POP! I may have to do the back of the wedding quilt in this fabric!! :) The photos simply do not do it justice.

I also tried it using a starker white fabric in the center. It looks dimensional here because, well, it was! I've not cut anything . . . I'm just folding and playing for now . . .

I may have to do a whole 'nother quilt with this!

On another note, Todd's dad is not feeling too good. He was ill enough to call Todd yesterday morning and ask him to bring him some medicine and agreed to a doctor's visit. Today he called Todd and said he thought a trip to the ER was in order. He was right; he's got pneumonia and they've admitted him. He's in good hands now, and is starting to feel some relief. God is good!


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Amy Ekis said...

OO!! That sounds like the best idea EVER!I cannot even wait. In FACT, I was in the mall the other night and saw the new moon DVD poster and couldn't believe it was already time for it to come out. I love your blog too. Especially your pictures of little birdies :) Just let me know when and where and I will BE there!