Monday, March 08, 2010

design wall monday and other tidbits . . .

So, you do know that in an RV there isn't so much of a "design wall" per se . . . more like a design ironing board, a design cutting table, a design bed, etc., you get the picture! Today it's design ironing board and I've got a couple things going . . .

First, I went ahead and tied the polka-dot squares on Sawyer's quilt. It was what I'd envisioned from the first, so I went with it. Nothing else was really working for me!

So the next thing I'm working on is the "S" I want to quilt into the striped squares. I played around in Publisher for a bit until I found a font that I felt would transfer well to a stencil.

And then, for a special touch (and because my dear daughter-in-law *loves* monograms) I played around until I had what I wanted for the very most center square; Sawyer's monogram!

I haven't really done it yet; I just played around and edited the photo to see how it would look! It won't be that bold, of course, because I am quilting it, but I think it will be a perfect finishing touch!

Next, I'm putting together my Russia square. How funny it was to me to see that the actual name of this block was "Southern Belle"!

It's times like this that I really *miss* my big quilting room. I'm struggling with having to clear a work surface so I can do something else, or even just to sew. I always loved that I could have three (or four or five) different projects working in different stages, and I never felt cluttered or encumbered. Of course, that was a luxury; I don't suppose pioneer women had a pretty yellow room dedicated entirely to their quilting. But STILL! :)

Also, if time permits, I want to put out the Easter things that I decided to hold onto. Just a few pretties! It was a tough decision; I had THREE boxes of Easter decorations!

And finally, if I still need something to do, or in my case, just something *different* to do, I'll work on cutting out these darling paper dolls for my six-year-old niece, Lucy. She loves to receive things in the mail, and I love to make her happy!

I'm not sure who had posted this link on their blog, but it's worth sharing, especially to mamas and grandmas of darling little girls; check it out at Teri's Paper Doll Scans. Tons & scads of the cutest paper dolls, including the first ten years of the McCall's paper dolls!

This morning, as I came back into the RV, I had such a strong sense of nostalgia. It smelled like coffee and fried eggs and woodsy . . . just like mornings spent with my Grandma Willie and Pop-pop in their travel trailer, parked in a Pennsylvania Dutch country campground. What wonderful memories! How lucky I am to be able to re-live them!

Ah; there it is. My Monday. I love Mondays!


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Ivani said...

what a great idea to quilt Sawyer's monagram to the center squares of the blocks. This quilt will be very special. Like the color you chose for the Russia Block and thanks for the link to the cute paper doll, Have a great week.

Diane said...

love the polka-dot squares! I always wonder about pioneer women as why didn't they all go blind sewing by candlelight...I have 2 ott-lights and bifocals...and I'm starting to think it's time to attach that mignifying thingy...

Lila Tueller said...

Hello! You are a winner of a pattern three pack of Lila Tueller Designs!
Please email me with your mailing address so I can send you your prize!



Kathie said...

polka dots are one of my favorite fabrics and love the monogram in the middle.

kathie L.