Tuesday, March 23, 2010

reflections of yesterday . . .

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Yesterday I had a phenomenal day! I got to babysit Sawyer while his mommy ran some errands. He was *so* good and we had such a fun time! I sang to him, and we talked, and he ate, and he slept. And I took photos. Lots of 'em. Far more than I'm sharing here! Oh the joy of being grandma!

And in the mail I got a package! I do so love getting packages in the mail; whether it's something I ordered, something I *won* or something that's a surprise! Mail is lovely! This package was from Amber, of A Little Bit Biased and Gigi's Thimble, and it was a darling quilted wall-hanging I had won from her blog!
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And then I pulled out a tie, an egg, the instructions, and went to work . . .

Ummm...on my list for today? Pick up some vinegar!

And I'll also spend a little time over here . . . at jaybird quilts . . . checking out the other giveaways going on in blog land!

Buenos dias!


2 expressed . . .:

Pat said...

SOOO cute! I'm guessing while I'm away at the quilt show the next few days, you might post more photos that I can enjoy when I return late on Friday!!! Hope your eggs turn out nice!

Gran said...

What a great idea - I better check to see if I have vinegar. Sawyer is a precious little person.