Saturday, March 13, 2010

sawyer graham panter . . .

What? What do you mean I can't use that title for today's blog entry??

I used it yesterday? I can't use it twice in a row?!?

Who says?!?!

LOL! You can certainly tell where my focus is today, no??? Can you blame me?! He's simply perfect & darling!
I mean, look at him!!! He's so round and chubby, with the froggie legs, just like his daddy had as a newborn!

He's so serious! His little blue eyes just followed that camera wherever it went.

Safe and sound in the arms of Grandpa Todd!!!

So peaceful and sweet. Not a care in the world; he knows he's being held safe and sound!!

Father, how I praise You for this perfect gift!

Amen & amen.


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