Saturday, March 20, 2010

happy national quilt day!

Aren't we lucky to have a day to celebrate a craft we're so passionate about?!?

I mean really; National Quilt Day = March twentieth!

I will be celebrating (first) in one of my favorite little stores, and then I will be celebrating (second) with some GIVEAWAY love! Yes, it's coming *today*!

And then, I'll be celebrating (third) with a dinner & movie date with my husband. Hey, there are all kinds of great ways to celebrate quilts . . . and my husband loves to celebrate with me!

Don't forget . . . I'll be back . . . with a giveaway . . . TODAY!


3 expressed . . .:

Vivian said...

Well, thanks for letting me know it is national quilting day. I'll have to piddle around picking up the house this morning, get laundry going, and then piddle around in the sewing room.

Asiyah said...

Happy Quilting Day!

Mel said...

Happy National Quilt Day to you too! I celebrated by cutting out a quilt and getting to machine on one of my quilts on a friends Gammill!

I would have loved to tag along with you and your hubby for dinner and a movie!! ;)