Thursday, March 25, 2010

tick . . . tock . . . !

Less than TWENTY-FOUR hours to sign up for my awesome (not patting my own back or anything) giveaway! LOL! Click right HERE to sign up! It closes at 7:00 am tomorrow morning and a winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon! :)

In other tick-tock, watching the clock news, I won't be doing much quilting over this long weekend. But I'm totally okay with this, because we'll have out-of-town guests . . . my mom & dad are arriving from Maryland---via their trip down to Corpus Christi, Texas, to visit my youngest sister and her family---and are getting closer as I type!

Aren't they a handsome couple? I just got a text a few minutes ago telling me that they're in Mississippi! Whoohoo! They are actually staying with my daughter and her husband (because I think they'll be more comfortable there than in the RV for four nights). Although my mom did mention that she would be interested in staying one night out at the RV so she could see all our deer! Of course it's from them and their parents that I inherited my love of camping and traveling, so it's not really a surprise. Although our RV is *far* from the tent & pop-up camper camping we did as a family when I was a girl!

I can't wait for them to meet Sawyer Graham! And to take the 'four generations' photo!

My sweet co-worker, and dear friend, is off for the next three to six weeks. She's having surgery and will have a long recovery. I will *very* much miss her presence here at the office ... she keeps me sane and laughing! Reese (the cat) will very much miss her too!

My last offering is perfect, tiny feet . . .

So precious! I love my grandbaby so much!


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Quilt Hollow said...

Yours seems to be a wonderful life...parents on their way and look at those teeny tiny precious feet of a grandchild. Wishing your co-worker a quick recovery...loving that the kitty takes over her seat!

isa & marta said...

Que ternura los pies pequeños, y tus palabras, ser abuela es ser doblemente mama, una de las cosas mas bellas que la vida nos regala