Thursday, March 18, 2010

hmmmm . . .

Lots of quilty things to share today. Tonight is the monthly meeting of the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville. I really enjoy our guild meetings, and I'm sure tonight will be no different. Our program tonight consists of storyteller Bruce Walker, who has written and performed stories for a variety of venues, including churches, large family gatherings, historical tours and businesses. He's going to be telling stories of local history and quilting. Should be interesting! We also have some fun things like comfy quilts, Show & Tell, and Gadget Girls (where they review a quilting tool and then offer them up for the raffle).

I had several things I've completed for Show & Tell, but I've already gotten them to their intended destinations. I was also going to show my Grandma's unfinished hexagon quilt, and the mini-fall swap quilt I received in January, but I forgot those too. Good gravy! I did remember to bring the stack of quilting magazines that are free to anyone who might want them!

Another thing I like about guild meeting night is that our smaller group, Stitchers ECT meets beforehand for dinner! Tonight we're meeting at Panera Bread. Yum! :)

I remembered to pull the pictures of my Downy quilt fabric. Here's the cute Noah's Ark fabric I get to work with . . .

Above is my kit, and below is a closeup of the animal print. I thought I'd grabbed a snapshot of the ark itself (the blue backing fabric), but I guess not. I don't know why I'm having such trouble with these photos!

And finally, here's the the final teaser for the giveaway that starts tomorrow . . .

And NO! I'm not boxing up a cat and sending it to some lucky winner! Hahaha, wouldn't that just be the cat's meow?!? But I did comment earlier this week about things I'd noticed quilters had in common. Make sure you peek back here tomorrow!!!

Do you keep up with lots of quilter's blogs? I've got some of my favorites listed on the sidebar to the right. It never ceases to amaze me how many gifted, incredible women (and men) there are out there, not just quilting, but willing to share their creativity and talent with anyone who wants to pull up their blog! To me, the quilting community is just a phenomenal group of people. I'm proud and privileged to be a part of it!

On a grandma note, Sawyer had to go in for a doctor's check yesterday. The doc wasn't real pleased with his bilirubin level, so Sawyer's mommy & daddy got to bring home the ol' bili-machine. Sawyer will stay under the special lights for the next two days or so, to help his little liver get rid of the toxins. *sigh* It's not an unusual occurrence; it happens to 6 out of 10 babies, so we're not worried. Just waiting for the jaundice to be gone so we can go back to holding sweet Sawyer all the time!


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Mama Spark said...

Can't wait to see what you are giving away and soooo relieved it isn't another cat! I already serve 5!!