Wednesday, March 03, 2010

flurries . . .

It's still very cold today. Gray and dreary, with the occasional snow flurry. They keep forecasting temps in the upper 60's this weekend; I'll believe it when I see it. Or even better, when I *feel* it!

Last night Todd & I had Turkey & White Bean Chili. It was super-easy, super-healthy, and very tasty. I halved and tweaked the recipe I used, so of course, it's now my own! We had that with grilled cheese tortillas. Yum. Unfortunately we'd finished off the sugar-free cheesecake on Monday, so that was out!

I miss the Olympics. I miss having decent programming on TV to watch in the evening! :)

I need some quilting handwork to work on at night. I don't have enough variety in projects going on right now! I do have a sampler issue of a crocheting magazine and one of a knitting magazine coming . . . and I just got the Nancy's Notions catalog in the mail, too! If all else fails . . . I shop the night away! Haha!

Todd's dad is doing better; they're keeping him at least for one more night. What he wanted more than anything was sleep, and hospitals are the best place for that. A good night's sleep in his own bed, now that he can breathe again, will do him best!

Tonight I'll investigate an applique or red-work project. Any suggestions???



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Rachel's Quilts said...

I know what you mean about missing the olympics. How did they become so addictive when they only lasted 2 weeks? I now have time to spend at my sewing machine though. Good luck with the applique or red-work project - sorry no suggestions.

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

I just found you on Amber's "A Little Bit Biased" and started reading your blog. "Full time RV'er caught my attention as the economy may put us in that situation. Anyway, I love evening handwork and read you were looking for something. This is a great site. I did her A Tisket A Tasket last year. It was free. She has one this year called "Snowbound"
I will be back soon to read more.